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Black retex of Vault 101 Security armor. \"Hello.. My name is... Fuck You\" sticker as seen in the movie Blade III, worn by the Nightstalkers.

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"Nightstalker" Retex
by XunAmarox

"Nightstalker" Vault 101 Security armor retexture.

This is a retexture of the Vault 101 Security armor. This retexture is for females only, it will relatively unaffect playing through the game visually, as all Vault Security is male, I believe (could be wrong?). This is for females only, for now. If at some later date I decide to make an esp rather than replacer, I'll make a male version as well.

It features a "Hello.. my name is..." sticker, as seen in the movie Blade III, worn by the Nightstalkers. It says "Fuck You" - I always thought it was funny.

There is also a picture of a rabbit wearing Jason mask stabbing a carrot to death on the back of the armor, which is now completely black.

ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated: Link

To look just like screens:
(100% not required)
The characters featured on the screens, Tiffany (save): Link
Cute Clover (companion replacer): Link


-Windows XP users
1. Place copy/paste the Data folder into your Fallout 3 folder
2. Activate the esp.
4. If you have not done so yet, use ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (only needed to be done once, ever). If you've already done this, skip this step.
3. Play.

Do I really need to give you uninstallation instructions? :P

Ask before reuse.

Just pm me on Nexus as XunAmarox, or if all else fails you can e-mail me at [email protected]