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Autan Waspeez

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Genuine 50\'s covers for \'Pre-War Books\'. Comes in 2 resolutions: 2x and 4x vanilla, so a larger memory footprint than the original, but that\'s the price of quality :)

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For your post-apocalyptic reading pleasure, a set of genuine 50's literature from the Atomic Age to replace the vanilla 'Pre-War Book' textures.
N.B. Raiders may have trouble with some of the longer words.

No technical issues found so far. Obviously it's a bigger more hi-res texture than the vanilla one, so if you're really squeezed for texture memory it won't help.

Unfortunately the texture mapping onto the mesh doesn't provide for a back cover, so it comes out backwards on the back of the book :-/

Sometimes a 'Pre-War Book' has been used in a context where the new cover may look odd (the diary in Tranquility Lane, for instance).
Not having been through the game 100%, I can't say whether this happens enough to really become annoying.