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Warhammer 40k Cadian kasrkrin shock troopers

included in this pack Imperial guard helmet, kaskrin mask sergeant hat, Las guns, Chainsword and full sleeve body armour

Permissions and credits
Warhammer 40k Cadian kasrkrin shock troopers

Requires Operation Anchoridge.esm is needed as master file.

the gear can be found at the entrance of megatown in a footlocker on the left. Also don't drop helmet/mask, as I haven't made the world go model properly yet. it will get stuck in mid air.

..............Version 2.0......................

edited all the Nif files so textures should now work for everyone

..............Version 1.0......................

got some tweeks and bits to add aswell as weapons.
. need to add normal maps to some of the models and make world models aswell. change stats health and damage of items.suggestions for improvements are welcome just don't be to harsh.

if you like this mod then please rate it.

Cerberos008 Space Marines

excellent mods to use with this

BlackWolfs Backpacks GERMAN


nice back pack unitl I add my own back pack

Frederyck Tactical Weapons

Awesome tactical weapons

Sharing and Caring Companions

have a squad of imperial guard forces


Put the folder "Data" in your directory "C/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3"
Put the .esp and the "ArchiveInvalidation.txt" in your "Data" folder.
Edit your Fallout.ini file, located in your 'my games' folder,
changing the binvalidateolderfilesvalue to 1 ( binvalidateolderfiles=1).

Credit and special thanks

The chainsword is modded by a user called Amstrad.

IG helmet - is made by a 3d modeller called ravenwing
las gun - is made by a modeller called Darkmagi at 3d heretics textures SHR designs
kasrkin- mask is made by me aka darkstar on 3d heretics

don't use these models out of this mod or for commercial use. you can download them in poser from 3d heretics
with the read me license.