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Headgear from my colossus power armour

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Hello again,

As requested here is a version of the helm from my colossus power armour black(http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4689)that doesn't require operation anchorage.


I've split the mask into 3 peices to cater for everyones needs... the base helm, the targeter and the mask. Each bit provides a bonus and all or only parts can be equipped as you see fit.

The helm was made as a single peice, meaning if you dont wear it all there may be the odd bit that clips. if you wear the base 'helm' piece there shouldnt be any problems.

only problem with it being 3 bits is you can't repair it all at once... nothings perfect tho eh?


The 3 peices can all be found in a pile just inside the north entrence to the supadopa mart. On the groud they all look like recon helms.


V2 - repositioned male mask slightly

V3 - Texture paths were incorrect in the original rar file. This should now be correct - my thanks to TheOutlander for pointing out the error


No known issues... let me know if you have any.