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This Mod allows you to own the Tenpenny Suite completely like a regular home additional to your Megaton residence.

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Welcome to your

This Mod allows you to own the Tenpenny Suite completely like a regular home additional to your Megaton residence, if you don`t have destroyed Megaton.
All Bobbleheads you add to the Collector's Stand in Megaton or Tenpenny are movable.

- you own the house in Megaton
- your Robo-Butler is still alive -> Talk to him.

Unzip & copy one of the *.esp files into the Data folder of your game-dir and enable it at your Launcher

--> finished!

The DL contains two Versions: English & German
I`m not English and I only own a german version of the game.
That`s why all screenshots are in german. Hope that doesn`t matters.

A french version is available at La Confrérie des Traducteurs

This Mod aimed to give you full access to the TP-Suite without destroying the "vanilla" Character of it.
E.g. the additional Theme is meant to be bought on regular way and it does not change an already existing one.
Please keep in mind there could be conflicts with other Mods that changes Bobbleheads or Themes.

With Version 0.99 there is an additional Dialogue option available which prevents Mr. Wadsworth and Mr. Godfrey from walking around.

If you find Conflicts or Bugs please let me know about it.
It is still a work in progress and Comments are appreciated.
So feel free to post your opinions or PM me.

to remove uncheck *.esp file

Known Bugs:
- If you buy a stile, it applies to both locations -> fixed with Version 0.94
- official Bugs

... always live on the bright side of life ... :)))

tortured Tomato

Version History:
11.03.2009: v0.90 - initial release
12.03.2009: v0.91 - english spelling fixed
04.04.2009: v0.92 - Bobblehead-Machine shows Bobbleheads in Megaton and Tenpenny
11.04.2009: v0.93 - Bobbleheads are movable
16.04.2009: v0.94 - Ability to stile Tenpenny and Megaton separately
01.05.2009: v0.95 - a possible Bug has been fixed
12.05.2009: v0.96 - the additional Adventure Theme has been introduced
31.05.2009: v0.97 - + additional Quantum Theme, Adventure Theme reworked, Plugin renamed!
20.02.2010: v0.98 - lowered rewards for obtaining the suite
13.04.2010: v0.99 - House improvements have a value, Dialogue option for Butlers: "stay on place" added