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A soft rustling sound catches your attention. Looking down, you see the wind has swept a tattered note against your foot.

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A Note Easily Missed


A soft rustling sound catches your attention. Looking down, you see the wind has swept a tattered note against your foot.

Being the intrepid adventurer that you are, you reach down onto the dusty road and pick it up.

French translation now available

++ Installation ++
Extract all files in the zipped folder into your Fallout 3\Data folder. The name of the .esp associated with this mod is 'NotSoFast.esp' - make sure to place a check mark in that when launching Fallout 3 to activate the mod.

A Note Easily Missed overwrites a few cells with additional information. It is advisable to load it last in the Mod load order to allow its changes to take precedence. This will insure you get a chance to see all the content within the mod. Do a search for FOMM if you don't have it installed already; it simplifies the mod loading process.

++Mod Information++

A Note Easily Missed is an adventure mod for Fallout 3. It attempts to provide the attentive player with insight into the lives of several ordinary people before the nuclear disaster. If you do not care for reading notes, taking terminal quizzes, or exploring for the sake of exploring then it is doubtful that this mod will appeal to you.

I do not use companions and thus have not tested companions in the new area; it is unlikely that you will have need of them during the course of this adventure, so it is recommended you 'leave them at home' once you reach the new area.

This is my first mod attempt for Fallout 3. If you spot any bugs please don't hesitate to bring them to my attention.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope you enjoy my adventure.

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I would like to thank the FalloutNexus forum community for helping me with several issues over the the course of this mod's construction.

Kudos to the many comment posters in my mod's comment thread for good suggestions and constructive criticism.

I would also like to thank dbaily56; his excellent 50's pin-up posters: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1060 formed a foundation for me to begin modding posters of my own. Editing his files was the springboard for this project.

If you want to make sure you do not inadvertently read any (minor) spoilers, I SUGGEST YOU STOP READING HERE. If you need more information to help you decide whether or not to try this mod, please continue reading at your own risk.

++ New Features ++

* One entirely new underground adventure area
* New challenges include the use of a satellite image to determine a location and an algebraic formula that must be solved.
* Many new textures & posters
* Two new craftable items via new schematics
* New weapon (retexture + new stats)
* New food items
* Adventure that takes the player to several different areas
* over 20 new notes, a few of which are done with original voice acting, some with images
* 4 terminal quizzes

------------------------ CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------------

v 1.07
  • two new rooms in the Tiger facility
  • new posters
  • several new notes
  • math puzzle reworked for the sake of ye olde logic
  • new projector slide show featuring the Tiger Bali
  • less ambiguous climax to the adventure (playable even if you've already 'finished')
  • tweaks to the Bali's functionality
  • various graphical tweaks in the Tiger building