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Hello again folks,

This mod is based on my Colossus Power Armour Mod, and I'm afraid as such, requires operation Achorage to use. The armour and helm can be found dumped on the floor in the 'loot room' after completing the simulation.

I've retex'd the armour to cater for more peoples tastes, and added a new helm, much the same as the old targeter however it has a gas mask aswell.


Originally the armor was female only, however the new file has a male mesh. Im afraid its not quite as good, but hopefully you'll like it. It uses the combat armour rather than stealth armor essentially cos i was having great difficult with the stealth mesh.

The helm should work fine with either sex, however I've not tested it on a male so let me know if it clips badly. If you have any problems download the colossus headgear mod as this has been more finly tuned

Also... i've been know to forget textures when i upload files, so let me know if anything isn't working eh? ;)

--- Compatibilty---

This file is a replacement for the original (black and red) Colossus power armour. If you have my original mod you will have to overwrite the files for this one to work

--- Usage ---

Your welcome to use this mod. If you do tho, let me know what you've done, i'd be intersted to see it :)