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This mod contains camouflaged armor textures for both male and female. Also included is helmet texture to match.

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BD Camouflaged Combat Armor Textures

Author: BlackDragon66
Date: 02/22/2009
Requirements: Fallout 3 (PC version)

07/02/09 - By request I uploaded a non replacer only version that contains the yellow stinger and both variations of the concrete jungle pattern to crate.
This makes it possible to use more then one pattern at a time.

03/14/2009 - I will not be updating this with any more variations nor will I upload any more of my texture work for public release.
All I ask is if you do not like these move along.

03/05/2009 - Uploaded alternate texture pack in Concrete Jungle pattern. Main mod required for esp if using non replacer version. Readme included in file.


This mod contains camouflaged armor textures for both male and female.
Also included is helmet texture to match.

*****Replacer version - Replaces Combat armor textures for both male and female*****

*****For non replacer version - Armor has same stats as Ranger armor and can be found around Bethesda Ruins exterior in a custom crate. Sorry no respawn.*****

**********For ArchiveInvalidation I suggest using

Quarn's ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated mod


as this will save you many headaches.***************

Since I packaged this mod as either a non replacer or replacer all that is needed is to....

1.Choose the Data folder you want to use and copy it
to your Fallout 3 directory and let it overwrite.

2.If using the non replacer then check the esp in either FO3 Launcher or FOMM.

To uninstall...

1.Non replacer version go to Fallout 3\Data\textures\armor and delete BDYellowStinger folder and delete BDYellowStinger_Battlearmor esp from your Data folder.

2.For the replacer version go to Fallout 3\Data\textures\armor and delete both combat armor and headgear folders. (Unless you have other textures in headgear folder)....in that case delete combatarmorhelmet & combatarmorhelmet_n .dds files.

Adobe- For making Photoshop CS3

Bethesda Softworks- For making Fallout 3

Mr. Dave- For being a great friend over the years. Without his support I would never release anything.


All I ask is you do not redristribute this mod or repack textures and upload them to any site.

Please do not use these textures in any mod that you are planning on releasing or sharing without my permission.

Please do not modify these textures in any way unless for your own personal use.

Please give credit where credit is due...if someone comments favorably on textures do not claim these as your own work. ( I have had this happen more then once)

***If these conditions sound a little stiff please remember that I mod for my own game and am not liable to have to share any content. By doing so all I ask is for some common courtesy in return***