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Heres a classic Armor from the previous Fallouts (Glowing design is from Tactics)

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Made by DaiShi


This mod places Tesla METAL Armor and Helmet to 4 places ingame:
- Mechanist Forge
- Citadel (Lyons bedroom)
- Ravenrock (Level 2)
- Hamiltons Hidaway (behind the keylocked door)

The Armor is basically a metal armor w. modified shoulder pads, and new textures (including glowmaps), and the electicity effect from Tesla Power Armor.
The stats are the same as metal armor (item health increased to 500), u can repair it w metal armor. Helmet is same as metal helmet (HP increased to 70 from 50). It is reairable w metal helmet.

The normal version gives:
+65 Energy Resistance.

The extended version gives:
+65 Energy Resistance.
+35 EMP Resistance.
+35 Electric Resistance.

Update 3:
n0t0ryczny found a solution for the helmet bug, since i dont have the space to install FO3 atm. ill post his message and post a file if i reinstall it (which ill do because i had a nice new weapon in mind). Heres the solution
"Solution is, as always, painfully simple (and crude). Run GECK, use Fallout3.esm, go to Texture Sets, find OutcastReconArmorHat or OutcastReconHat set, swap textures and reanme the set. Go to Armor/Headgear and find any of Recon Helmets not used in the game and add the texture set. Add effects, DO NOT CHANGE FormID. Or just add BrokenSteel.esm to GECK list and find Composite Recon Helmet, get UseInfo on that, edit Enclave guy's inventory, swap his Composite Recon Helmet to ordinary one (he is the only user). Now edit the Composite and add texture set. Voila."

Update 2:

A few ppl commented that their characters head is clipping trough the helmet, it didnt occured with mine but after some plastic surgery ive managed to recreate it. Unfortunately i couldnt fix it, and i have no idea whats wrong. (ive tried to change back to original recon helmet .nif but it produced the same bug)


Re-textured Recon Helmet to fit MTArmor, stats are the same as metal helmet and gives no extra resistances.

Known Issues:
- its been reported that in some cases the characters head is clipping throgh the helmet, unfortunately i couldnt fix this (see Update 2) (see solution in update 3)
- the extended armor have (null) at the pipboy effect description for EMP and electric resistances. I couldnt find where to specify them if any1 finds it PM me plz.

Unzip it in Data folder it comes w 2 .esps:

Tesla Metal Armor.esp- as above
Tesla Metal Armor (Extended).esp- as above but with more resistances

- USE ONLY 1 esp there are some overlaps in them which can cause problems
- i've included pipboy image w description copy it in Data folder (let it overwrite) if u need them.


Credit to n0t0ryczny for finding the solution for the helmet bug.

Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give me Credit plz)

(sorry about my bad english)