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For those who don\'t want to steal Vampire\'s Edge or who just like machetes.

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Xerob95 created a nice retex for this machete, you can find it here:


Thanks Xerob95!


Added textures for steel blade variant, scratched from use, but polished. Note that high polish was one of rust protection techniques used in past (medieval times). Contemporary experiemnts show that highly polished, shiny, mirrorlike surfaces are really more resistant to rust, so the fancy looking shiny armors and blades were actually practical.

1. move the old textures to some backup directory or rename them.
2. unpack the new textures into Fallout 3\Data\textures\weapons\1handmelee


Semiunique machete 1 hand melee weapon. One can be found in Meresti station, the other one is, naturally, in Machete's inventory. :)

I decided to make this mod for people who don't want to steal Vance's Vampire Edge, so the stats are almost identical with three exception - much higher durability, repaired with whetstones only, and better AP.

I selected a Coldsteel machete for the model for several reasons - I like machetes since they are truly survivalist tools and thus they fit nicely to the Fallout world. And I was impressed by high performance rating Coldteel kukri machete got on knifetest page. Look at
- the latin machetes are from the same steel.

Here is a link to the manufacturer page where you can see how the real thing looks like:

Added a UV map for those who would like to create their own texture.

Have fun!

PS. Known problem: the blood stain close to handle, which appears on blade during combat looks bad, it's almost exactly triangular. I don't know why this happens and I don't know how to fix it, so if anyone knows please let me know.