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Adds a Canister Rifle, a high precision rifle capable of firing high explosive canister rounds over great distances at great speed. Check it out, maybe you\'ll like it.

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Intro (skip down to readme section for file related details)
**Now available in Dirty and Very Dirty versions**

**The alternative version of this weapon is now available. See the Mirrors section for a link**

Well.. This is my first upload. I've been here for a while, but I've never had the time to create something... adequate? I suppose I could say..

I made this over a few days during free time, crude, yes.. But I'm proud of it.

Before anyone says anything, I'd like to note:
This is not based on realistic characteristics.

I know the inefficiency of lobbing a cylindrical projectile at high speeds while attempting to make it "precise". This is just for fun, and the ideology and physics behind it is irrelevant as its just damn fun to snipe your friendly neighborhood raider with a high explosive shell.

PS. Excuse my sloppiness with the files.

And please comment if you find any bugs or have any difficulties. Thanks.


+ Fixed compatibility issue
+ Added repairlist. Now repairs with Canister Rifles, Scrap Metal, and Fission Batteries.
+ Added a bit more ammo to start out.
+ Added the Victory Rifle knockdown effect, thanks to n0t0ryczny for the suggestion.

Additional Info
Weapon/ammo ID's are:
Gun = xx000EA7
Ammo = xx000EAC

Where xx is the mod number in FOMM. (ex. 01 or 16)

As from the README:

Canister Rifle
By Arashi1532 for Fallout Nexus

1. Just copy the contents of the data folder into your Fallout 3 data folder.
2. ???
3. Profit! (/success..?)

Theres a crate ouside the main doors of Springvale Elementary School. Stuff is in there.
1 Gun, 64 rounds, respawns.

The canister rifle is based off a concept I've invisioned a while back. Basically its a
relatively lighweight squad support rifle capable of firing heavy ordinance with extreme precision.

Basic specs are simple:
-16 round clip
-Modest firing rate (just below 60 rounds/min)
-High damage

Also, a few notable things are:
The icons and such are the same as the shotguns because I was more focused on the gun rather
than the misc details.

Weapon/ammo ID's are:
Gun = 01000EA7
Ammo = 01000EAC

1. Do what you did in Installation step 1, but in reverse.
2. Be a winner at life

Possible things to do next?
1. Make a quest for the damn thing
2. Add a scope

+Release version

+Fixed compatibility issue
+Added repairlist. Now repairs with Canister Rifles, Scrap Metal, and Fission Batteries.
+Added a bit more ammo to start out.

Other Tidbits
If you wish to use the gun or anything really for whatever purpose,
go ahead, just let me know beforehand.

Oh and please dont upload to other sites besides Fallout Nexus.