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Adds a SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle into the game.

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Woohoo! I'm in the Top 50! Thanks to all of you who gave me positive feedback and good scores. This won't be my last modding endeavor either.

Get it from T3T's FWE plug-ins, which can be found here: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12751
(NOTE: The FWE version uses CALIBR)

Name: SVD Dragunov Mod
Version: 1.21
Date: 06/14/09
Author: Zealotlee


Adds a SVD Dragunov rifle to the game as well as a unique version called The People's Dragunov. It has been added to some of the loot lists and Talon Company's leveled lists. There is also one in minefield next to Arkansas's ammo stash. It uses .308 ammo unless you use the CALIBR version. The unique variant is hidden somewhere near a radio tower out in the wasteland. It can be repaired with other SVDs and Sniper Rifles.

Item code for SVD: xx000EA7 (xx being the mod reference number).

CALIBR Add-On: Updated as of 03/09/09. Fixed the CALIBR version finally, my fault for not testing it properly. This makes the gun use 7.62x54R ammunition like the real world counterpart. Now you must load either ZL-SVD.esp OR ZL-SVD-CALIBR.esp, not both. They do conflict, and it seemed to cause a lot of problems. Of course make sure CALIBR.esm loads before my mod.

1. Unzip all files to c:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data
2. Open up Fallout Mod Manager and activate the ESP.
3. Play the game!

Delete "ZL-SVD.esp" from the Data folder.
Delete "peoplesdragunov.dds, peoplesdragunov_n.dds, svd.dds, svd-n.dds, svd_m,dds, svdclip.dds, svdclip-n.dds" from the Textures\Weapons\2handrifle directory.
Delete "svd-dragunov.nif, peoplesdragunov.nif" from the Meshes\Weapons\2handrifle directory.
Delete the folder "rifleSVD" under the Sounds\fx\wpn directory.

V 1.21: Fixed the proper sound for the People's Dragunov and fixed an issue with the normal maps not working for the magazine.
V 1.2: Added unique variant called "The People's Dragunov" with a unique texture
Updated the original texture, mainly on the scope.
Improved the scope lens (now reflects environment map)

V 1.1:Added custom sounds

V 1.0:Initial Release

Possible Issues:
This mod shouldn't conflict with anything that I know of. If it does, please let me know. The hand placement for the grip is a bit off, but there wasn't much I could do. The texture is also a bit high res, but it should run fine on most computers. As for the leveled lists, they are added to the vanilla lists by a script so there should be no conflicts with any other mods.

IMPORTANT: If you are having issues with flickering or missing textures, make sure to use Archive Invalidation Invalidated that comes with the Fallout Mod Manager. A lot of people seem to have trouble with this.

Feel free to use this mod however you wish. Be sure to give me credit where credit is due, and do not upload this mod to any other sites. These files are not intended for commercial use and should not be used as such.

Thanks To:
Pelinor- For allowing me to use his PSO-1 scope from his mod.
Reinhart Menken- For helping me out with the whole process and giving me feedback, and for the script to add items to the leveled lists.
alexscorpion- For showing me how to make the scope reflective
Echonite- For showing me how to get my weapon into nifskope properly :p.
CrazyAce- For the custom firing sounds.
The Bethesda Fallout 3 Modding Forum- For giving me plenty of feedback and encouraging me to finish this. Thanks guys!