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Cipscis\' Automatic Save Manager, or CASM for short, improves autosaving and quicksaving by allowing you to create multiple autosaves and quicksaves.

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Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager, or CASM for short, replaces Fallout 3's saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave or quicksave to fall back on.

This is achieved by cycling through a certain number of saves, so that older saves are still overridden but there are also always previous saves available if you need to reload a save earlier than your last one.

CASM creates saves in three ways:
- Automatically after a certain length of time
- Automatically after certain events
- Manually with the F4 key

You can quickly load your last CASM save with the F8 key

The quicksave, quickload and save cycling features of CASM requires the use of FOSE v0001 or later
- You can download the latest version of FOSE from http://fose.silverlock.org/

It is recommended that you disable autosaves while using CASM, as they can cause difficulties when uninstalling CASM. - Autosaves can be disabled from the Gameplay Settings menu.

FOMM is recommended for installing CASM.
- You can download the latest version of FOMM from http://timeslip.chorrol.com/fomm.html

To install CASM, simply place CASM.esp in your Data folder and activate it either via the Fallout 3 Launcher or with FOMM.

To use CASM's quicksave, quickload and save cycling features, you will also have to download and install FOSE.

See the Requirements section for details on where to get FOMM and FOSE.

If you're updating from a previous version of CASM, your settings may be reset to their default values so you will have to reset them in CASM's Options Menu.

To uninstall CASM, simply deactivate CASM.esp either in the Fallout 3 Launcher or in FOSE.

After uninstalling CASM, you must load a "hard" save - i.e. not an autosave

If you load an autosave, you will be unable to quicksave or quickload.

When you install CASM, the CASM Options Menu will be added to your inventory in the "Aid" section. To open the menu, equip this item while not in combat, then close your Pip-Boy.

The available options are fairly self-explanatory, except perhaps for "Current CASM Profile".

CASM allows you to designate one of three available save profiles to each character. By doing this, you will ensure that saves made by CASM while you are using one character will not over-write saves made by CASM while you are using another character.

- Initial release
- Requires FOSE v0001

- Added Event Saving
- Fixed a bug where regular quicksaving/quickloading would become possible
- The autosave timer now continues in menus

- Restructured CASM so that it can be run without FOSE
- Fixed some minor timing balance issues

- Fixed issues with CG sequence
- Fixed a minor UI bug in the menu system

- Fixed a bug where autosaves would sometimes occur very quickly if the player is sneaking near hostile actors

- Fixed a bug where regular quicksaving and quickloading could become available

Please don't upload CASM anywhere without asking my permission.

If you wish to use anything that you find in CASM, feel free to do so without asking my permission.

Thanks to the FOSE team for FOSE
Thanks to Timeslip for FOMM
Thanks to Bethesda Games Studios for Fallout 3 and for the GECK
CASM was made by Mark Hanna, a.k.a. Cipscis

- You can contact me via PM on the Bethesda Games Studios Forums as Cipscis
- You can contact my via PM on the Nexus Forums as Cipscis
- You can email me at [email protected]