National Guard Armory Power Armor by MrTipTappers
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National Guard Armory US Army Power Armor Mod
By MrTipTappers
This mod adds Army Power Armor and a Special Army Power Helmet as well to the
lvl. 1 armory in the bottom armory floor.
1.To install simply extract the contents to your data folder in the
Fallout3 file.

2.Then open your mod manager, Fomm preferably and check the box then start the game.

This mod was set up rather quickly and there maybe some bugs and redundencies.

This mod would be incompatable with any mod that edits the lvl 1 armory in the depot
or any mod that edits the cell by the minigun table.

The textures have been moded using a moded texture of BounceDK's and Saxster's BOS-W01 Power Armor and Helm texture.
Fomm is made by Timeslip.

This is the Readme.

Remember to post any problems on this page.

Thank you.