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A potential fix for Fallout 3 not figuring out Leroy Walker is indeed dead.

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Thanks to Quarn who made this file for me as a request. My game was not realizing that Leroy Walker was dead. Somehow my game recorded far too many slaver deaths. My issue:
I sided with the Temple of the Union. However, before I ever even knew of them, I met the Slavers... Promptly killed them as well. Many hours later, I started the Head of State quest. Somehow, the game never went beyond Hannibal waiting for me to kill the already dead slavers. This should, possibly, maybe fix it. I'm the only test case so far. Please, if you're having this same issue, save your game, install and use this fix, and report your success.

All you have to do is to check this box, and it "should" take immediate effect. This is not designed to make any difference in the TotU not showing up, and it certainly does not help in any issues of the Slaver's attacks on the Temple. It should also stop the target marker from showing over Leroy's body (Showing the success).