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Companion Behaviour Overhaul v1.4 beta This mod is aiming at improving and tweaking companion behaviour to be more realistic and useful. Please read the unabridged description...

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Companion Behaviour Overhaul



CBOv1.4.1 German - translation of this mod (and more) uploaded by Darth Bane & SethX

Finally, a unique and brilliant version of this mod in German is available! Apart from the translation, there is (and will be) much to discover and enjoy for all German Fallout fans.
The first custom made companion named Walker is already included, with his own features and quirky appearance, adding his very own flavour to the game when recruiting him.

Just take a look at Darth Bane's and SethX's page by following this link:

CBO German

And for a fantastic trailer, visit the following page:

CBO Trailer

Kudos to Darth Bane and SethX for their effort!


CBOv1.4.1 Fixed esp uploaded. Mandatory for all users of v.1.4.

(Kudos to DeathJester11 for all his help and effort!)

- Companions shouldn't get stuck anymore on their "eat food" package.
- CPR now works correctly not only at the first time.
- (vanilla Bugfix) Jericho now stops following the player when attacked.
- Additional companions (Bittercup & Angel) now display the correct death message when killed.

Just extract somewhere and copy the respective .esp to your Fallout data folder (and use v1.4.1 as replacement for the outdated v1.4 esp).


Version 1.4.1 beta

I. What it does

Ib. Companion Notes

II. Installation

III. Notes

IV. Add-Ons

V. Version History

VI. Compatibility

I. What it does...

Feature: The Companion Behaviour Overhaul Menu, accessible by talking to your followers, lets you customize nearly every aspect of this mod. You'll be able to set essential state, healing rate, Stimpak usage threshold, turn on/off radiation effects and water source usage, make unique follower equipment available and choose between several combat style variants for every single companion.

Feature: CBO Radio, a new item implemented in version 1.4, lets you contact your follower even if he is a mile away from you discussing important matters with some mutants (actually, distance is limited to 4000 "Fallout" units due to stability reasons, but you don't have to have a LOS to your companion). You'll just have to equip it (preferably by binding it to a short cut key), and a menu will let you choose between your current teammates.

Feature: Companions will utilize drugs now. In vanilla Fallout, only Stimpak and Buffout usage (both only at the beginning of combat) seems to be implemented for NPCs. Drugs incorporated, along with scripts that govern when to use them, are Stimpaks, RadAway, RadX, MedX, Psycho and Buffout. Stimpak usage solely depends on the companion's health (less than 20% in battle, otherwise determined by the Stimpak usage threshold, set in CBO Menu), RadAway usage on sustained overall radiation damage and level, RadX and MedX usage on radiation/damage amount sustained over time (companions automatically use RadX, if in their inventory, when fighting a Glowing One), Psycho and Buffout usage on threat level and power of a currently present adversary.

Feature: You'll now have the possibility to issue orders to your companions. The one always available let's you force your companion to your position (extremely helpful if he gets stuck somewhere somehow). Two combat commands let you order your companion to either retreat from battle or to ignore his target, making your current target his uppermost priority. Also, you can order any companion to make use of drugs (spare parts for RL-3), as long as he has some left in his inventory (or you've got some in your supply when applying them to Dogmeat). Your companion's medicine skill (or yours) is taken into account. Drugs included: Stimpak (spare parts: scrap metal, conductors, sensor modules, fission batteries), RadAway, RadX, MedX (conductors), Psycho (sensor modules), Buffout (fission batteries).

Feature: Instead of fully restoring health and healing crippled limbs at the end of combat, companions will regain health slowly over time, with the healrate depending on their endurance stat. A crippled bodypart (with a condition of zero) will not heal at all. (RL-3 will need some spare parts in his inventory to be able to perform some small repairs constantly.) Whenever the player sleeps in a bed or waits somewhere, the companion will restore 12.5% health per hour spent in bed or spent waiting, i.e. 100% in 8 hours. Crippled limbs won't heal while the player rests or waits.

Feature: A deadly wounded companion will not die immediately (on default CBO Menu setting). Instead, he'll fall to the ground and must be reanimated by the player. The amount of Stimpaks and morphine (MedX) that the player'll need for CPR depends on his medicine skill. If he doesn't get treatment in time - the amount of time depending on your followers endurance (except for RL-3, who can be on backup power supply for a whole day), he'll die. If the player succeeds in reviving his companion, this one will stand up with 10 percent of his base health. If the player already has another follower by that time (Dogmeat and Add-On companions don't count), the reanimated/repaired one will act as if fired and return to his usual waiting position.

Feature: Radiation has been fully implemented for all companions (vanilla Fallout doesn't support radiation for NPCs at all). They'll suffer from the exact same effects as the player (except for Fawkes of course, who is immune to it). Even a Glowing One's radiation burst will now harm them. Charon and RL-3 suffer from reduced intelligence and perception, instead of strength and endurance. When deadly irradiated, companions slowly lose health until unconscious or dead, except for Charon, who will start healing instead. RL-3 can't decrease his radiation level by the means of drug use. Instead, he'll slowly heal radiation damage over time.

Feature: Companions will make use of StealthBoys, whenever the player using one himself and is sneaking. They'll even try to drop out of combat, if possible. Followers not being able to make use of this toy will at least stay put whenever the player crouches (up to a distance of 4000 "Fallout" units).

Feature: All companions, except for RL-3, can utilize water sources (sinks, fountains, fire hydrants) to heal themselves. Dogmeat uses urinals and fire hydrants. But one shouldn't forget that drinking water also leads to accumulating radiation, depending on water quality.

Feature: All human (and ghoul) companions will eat food from time to time, whenever they've got some in their inventory. As for RadX and Buffout drug usage, companions will remove their headgear (if it is movement-restricting) beforehand and equip it again afterwards.

Feature: Although not set by default, the player now has the opportunity to make all companion equipment "playable", i.e. accessible and tradable. Followers will then need to be stocked with ammunition and their gear will sometimes need repairs (but far less often than equipment used by the player). Some unique items like Clover's Cleaver will become available to the player that way. If you come to think that your companions use up to much ammunition, though realistical, just deactivate this feature again.

Feature: With this mod the player will be able to choose between three different melee and ranged combat styles for his companions, or have them not attack at all. Also, it is possible now to choose whether a follower should attack every enemy on sight or only in self-defense.

Feature: If the player attacks his own companion, that one will not fight until death. Instead, he will at some point cease fire and simply walk away, giving away some previously (in vanilla Fallout) missing dialogue when spoken to.

Feature: All settings chosen in the Companion Behaviour Overhaul menu will be kept until set to other values. Rehired companions will revert to the settings previously chosen (or to defaults, if none were set previously). Fired companions will revert to vanilla behaviour, combat style, essential state and equipment.

Feature: All the above features are accompanied by an appropriate animation (please take a look at the screen shots) or voiced and lip-synced dialogue.

Vanilla Bugfixes:

- The Ghoul Mask now works more than one time.
- Butch's 10mm Pistol now has unlimited ammo (default CBO Menu setting).
- Fawkes will be equipped with his gatling laser and his supersledge, as intended. Also, meeting him at Raven Rock shouldn't be source of a glitch anymore.
- RL-3 will be placed at the correct position (and not in the citadel), when the player gets knocked out in Vault 87.
- Dogmeat's search behaviour should work as intended now (hopefully).
- Cross can't be recruited anymore by choosing the "right" dialogue options. The player will have to meet karma and party-size requirements. Also, she is initially set to be a melee character, as intended.
- Charon will say his missing dialogue line when departing from Ahzrukhal and won't get stuck in conversation anymore.
- Requirements for dialogue idles have been tweaked, preventing teammates from getting stuck (with their arms crossed or their hand on the hip).
- Dozens of dialogue and script bugs not fixed in vanilla Fallout with Beth's latest patch.

Ib. Companion Notes...

Fawkes: The mutant isn't affected by radiation. Hence he won't use RadAway or RadX. He won’t eat food, either. If the player chooses not to rescue him from his cell, he'll somehow manage to escape on his own and can be found at his usual waiting location. He'll only be equipped with his supersledge, then. Fawkes doesn't need to be reanimated. He'll recover on his from a knockdown after some time. When following the player, Fawkes will sometimes agree to give away a blood sample, a powerful drug when consumed.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat won't eat food but is able to use every other feature of this mod. If the player gets severely hurt in combat, Dogmeat will get very(!) angry trying to defend his master. He'll be able to do and sustain more damage and to knock over even the biggest adversary.

RL-3: The robot won't make use of water sources, nor will he eat food. He can't apply RadX and RadAway – his radiation level decreases over time instead. If RL-3's combat inhibitor chip is destroyed, he'll go into a frenzy, not being able to tell friend from foe anymore. Instead of drugs, RL-3 can make use of clutter items (scrap metal, conductors, sensor modules and fission batteries), which have more or less the same effects. The player now has the option of buying a missile launcher upgrade for RL-3 from Tinker Joe (it'll replace RL-3's flamethrower and he'll need ammunition to be able to use it).

Butch: With Butch in the player's party, ammo and bottlecaps scarcity is a matter of yesterday. He has the scrounger and fortune finder perk, both stacking with the player's perks, if existent. But beware of those nasty radroaches when traveling with Butch.

Clover: The slave has a special ability comparable to the black widow and ninja perk combined. Equipped with her no-dachi blade, she'll cut every surprised female enemy in half with one stroke.

Jericho: The former raider knows of some locations, where his "old friends" used to gather. If the player is lucky enough, he'll find some remains of Jericho's hidden stash there.

Cross: Cross can summon her Valkyrie squad to aid her on her mission. This squad consists of three Brotherhood members, who level with the player. If the whole squad gets obliterated, the paladin will be able to call for reinforcements some time later.

Charon: The player won't get attacked by ferals anymore with Charon in his party. This effect is similar to the ghoul mask effect, only that ferals aren't simply set as allies. If the player attacks one feral, every other in the vicinity will become hostile. But beware of Charon getting irradiated! It might turn out having a ghoul as your follower wasn't that brilliant an idea at all (and with his ability to heal when heavily irradiated, it's even worse)...

II. Installation...

Just extract all files from your chosen version of this mod into your data folder. If you don't use FOMM and its archive invalidation feature, please copy the included ArchiveInvalidation.txt file to your root Fallout 3 folder. Simply deinstall by deleting all previously extracted files. Just make sure there's no companion currently following you, i.e. all companions are fired in your latest save.

Also included with this mod are three optional plugins:

- CaravansEssential: To provide a compatible mod (others here on the nexus might not be), this file is included. It sets all caravans (traders, guards and brahmin) as essential. They'll be killable only if the player attacks them himself.

- XPReward20Percent: Sets the XP reward threshold variable to 20 (instead of 40). You'll need to damage your enemy's health by only 20 percent to gain experience for the kill.

- XPReward0Percent: Sets the XP reward threshold variable to 0 (instead of 40). One hit (that causes health damage) will be sufficient to gain experience for the kill, even if your companion does all the dirty work.

III. Notes...

Version 1.4 of this mod consists of approx. 8000 lines of code and uncountable dozens of tweaks. Although wishing to have version 1.4 of this mod as bug-free as possible, please bear with me if you happen to stumble over something that doesn't work as intended. Reporting a bug in the comments section or by PMing me would be greatly appreciated, since I'm collecting all possible bugs and try to fix them for version 1.5, which will be the final and last release of this mod. And please don't forget to rate this mod, if you think it deserves a rating of any kind. I won't assume any responsibility for bugs that occur due to other mods interfering or that came with the original mods I've incorporated (see section IV. Add-Ons).

Credits for the great Cleaver mesh and texture go to Xessive, over at Oblivion Nexus.

Kudos to Paramar, eukaliptus, Mazdek and elitmer for their invaluable ideas, testing and comments. Without them this mod wouldn't have been possible. Thank you guys!

I sincerely hope all users of this mod enjoy it as much as I did creating it! Cheers!

IV. Add-Ons...

To provide compatibility with popular companion mods (available here at the Nexus), I've added versions of this mod that incorporate some of them. These files serve as replacement for both this mod and the mod incorporated.

- Bittercup companion (v1.3) by gurk meja


- Bittercup companion restyled (v1.2) by Vaughn


- The other Bittercup companion (v.1.3.1) by water melon bar


- DIMONIZED-S P Cross (v1.0) by dimon99


- Slaveraider companion (v1.2) by gurk meja


Thanks to all modders mentioned for their brilliant work.

V. Version History...

Update v1.4:

- Introduced CBO Menu, which allows tweaking of nearly every aspect of this mod.
- CBO Radio now available, making it possible to contact your teammate without having to talk to him directly.
- Implemented Buffout, Psycho, MedX and RadX usage (fission battery, sensor module and conductor for RL-3).
- Introduced CBO Combat Commands, letting the player issue orders to companions.
- Sneak behaviour tweaked - companions not capable of sneaking will now stay put as soon as the player crouches.
- Added new special abilities: Fawkes' blood sample, RL3's missile launcher, Dogmeat's rage, Butch's Scrounger and Fortune Finder perk, Clover's Black Widow and Ninja perk, Cross' Valkyrie squad, special loot added to locations revealed by Jericho, Charon's Ghoul Mask effect tweaked.
- Clover's Cleaver now features its own model, mesh and textures.
- All, now necessary dialogue features lip-sync audio (this includes dialogue for all add-on companions like Bittercup).
- StealthBoy usage for companions.
- Glowing One bursts now affect companions, making them a decent threat when radiation effects are activated.
- Further bugfixes for vanilla Fallout concerning companions added (and two of my own bugs fixed).

Update v1.3:

- Implemented radiation and RadAway use, except for Fawkes, who is immune.
- "Charon Hire Fix Dialogue" included.
- Companions are restoring health while the player is asleep.
- Earlier stimpak use: stimpaks will be used automatically by the companion when he's lost 50% health or can be forced to use them via dialogue at 85% or less.
- Companions regaining consciousness only restore 10% health.
- Fawkes won't stay in his cell after the completion of MQ08 "Finding the Garden of Eden".
- Charon and Jericho are the first two companions to receive additional special abilities.
- RL-3's out-of-ammo message reintroduced.
- Inventory: Scripts have been adapted to support older savegames.
- Dogmeat Search Behaviour tweaked.
- Companions now only use water sources if they aren't that far away.
- Companions now eat food from time to time (including helmet-removal and keeping Nuka Cola bottlecaps).
- Fixed a major bug of my own, which prevented players of the NE-version to hire another companion after the former one died.
- Some minor bugfixes for vanilla Fallout concerning followers.

Update v1.2b:

- Removed precompiled scripts. Simply forgot about the incompatibility issue with other mods. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update v1.2:

- Feature: All companions, except RL3 for obvious reasons, make use of fire hydrants, water fountains and sinks to heal themselves (in case of Dogmeat fire hydrants and urinals).
- To compensate RL3's inability to heal himself via drinking water, his flamer now doesn't need fuel. His plasma gun still needs ammunition.
- Because of the possibility for companions to make use of water sources, the healing-rate has been considerably lowered.
- Fawkes will now keep his unique Supersledge when rescued.
- The distance a companion would cover to be able to attack an enemy while leaving the player behind has been slightly increased again.
- Again, some minor vanilla scripting bugs regarding companions have been corrected.

Update v1.1:

- Fixed a minor bug concerning Fawkes and RL3

Initial Release v1.0

VI. Compatibility...

With version 1.4, I tried to leave vanilla Fallout in its initial state where feasible, hoping to prevent as many incompatibility issues as possible. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend using TESsnip (which comes with FOMM) to check if your mod setup collides with this mod.
Entries with an asterisk are to be considered essential for this mod. Any mod overwriting those entries can safely be considered incompatible. Other entries will only cause minor issues and perhaps some weird behaviour when overwritten.

GMST - fEssentialDeathTime*, sEssentialCharacterDown, FcombatFollowRadiusMult, fCombatFollowRadiusBase, fCombatFollowRadiusMin
SCPT - JerichoScript*, StarPaladinCrossScript*, CharonScript*, DogmeatScript*, CloverScript*, ButchScript*, MQ08FawkesScript*,
RL3Script*, GlowingOneBurstScript, MQ09Script, MS12FinScript
ACTI - DrinkSinkClean, DrinkSinkSettlement, DrinkSinkMetal, DrinkUrinalSettlement, DrinkUrinal, DrinkWaterFoutnainSettlement (Beth's typo), DrinkWaterFountain, DrinkSink, DrinkFireHydrantClean, DrinkFireHydrant, DrinkSinkCleaner
WEAP - WeapUniqueFawkesSuperSledge, FollowersButch10mmPistol, WeapUniqueButchToothpick
NPC_ - Charon*, Butch*, Clover*, Jericho*, StarPaladinCross*, Ahzrukhal
CREA - MQ08Fawkes*, RL3Follower*, FFEU255Dogmeat*, CrFeralGhoul1A, CrRadroach
ALCH - NukaCola
WRLD - CELL - CanterburyMarketN, FFRaiderCamp02, FFRaiderCamp03, FFRaiderCamp04, FFRaiderCamp05, FFRaiderCamp06, FFRaiderCamp08, FFRaiderCamp09, FFRaiderCamp11, FFRaiderCamp15
IDLE - TalkToPlayer, DogDialogueSilent, SBIdles, ActWaterSource
PACK - UnderworldCharonKillAhzrukhalSceneDialogue, UnderworldCharonKillAhzrukhalWait, UnderworldCharonKillAhzrukhalSceneKill
FLST - EmbeddedWeapons, ExplodesGasTrapsOnHit, VATSMeleeWeaponsLIST
DOBJ - DefaultObjectManager
... and various dialogue data.

Known incompatibilities so far:
- FOOK (playable inventory might get messed up - FOOK in its current state seems to manipulate vanilla companion inventory)

I intentionally did forego the possibility of converting this mod into an .esm file. The disadvantages (e.g. possible crashes when loading save games with different mod setups) overweigh the advantages by far.