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Original + Grognak!

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Unfortunately the original seems to have been taken down, and i do not have a link to it, also I don't know if this works anymore, can anyone confirm they have this file working with their game ?

Updated the sword model to a better looking copy.

Added to this mod by me is the following.

You were dropped on your head several times as a child and through the course of your life you have met with many a fist, but took them like a man. One too many blows to the head has left you less than sane leaving a penalty to your intelligence and charisma (-1 each). However your many encounters with fists has left you with higher strength and endurance (+1 each) and the strange notion that you are indeed Grognak the barbarian!

Other Bonuses: Starts with Toughness Perk and +10 Melee/Unarmed.

(Also Adds custom raider blastmaster armor entitled Grognak's Leathers with 24 dr
Grognak's Blade with 20 damage

NOTE: The New Sword model is made by waalx so note the following
©2007 RealSwords and related material are copyrighted work of Alex Brisson aka waalx. All models and textures are freely distributed to be used in the game Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion only. NO OTHER USES OF THE MODELS AND TEXTURES ARE PERMITTED.

I know it says oblivion only, but at the time there were no other games by bethsoft that could use the model, Fallout 3 is made by the same company and uses the same file formats, and i asked him about a week ago and got no reply so decided to go ahead and post it anyhow, If i am in the wrong for doing this Waalx i apologise and will remove it immediatly, you only have but to tell me