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A pack of 10 new perks all with new icon graphics.

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**Please endorse this mod to show your thanks and support, once I reach 80 I'll release pack 2, with 10 more brand new perks.

The VDSP adds 10 new perks to the game, all with new icons not seen in Fallout 3 before. The perks aim to be balanced and work alongside the original game perks. The download also includes a mini-manual in PDF format (see image section for example pages). Should this perk-pack be popular enough I'll get to work on pack no.2.


If you haven't already you need to set your ArchiveInvalidation, this just tells fallout to use new textures in the game (so you get the new pipboy icons). The easiest way to set this up is to grab this mod: and follow it's instructions.

v1.1 - 23.01.09 - Minor bug fixes:
-Fixed the level of Old Father Time to level 4 as stated in the manual (was set to level 2 in the initial release).
-Changed how Quick Footed works so that the player movement speed is automatically updated by forcing a movement calculation.
-Updated the Readme installation instructions covering fallout.ini file.
v1.0 - 21.01.09 - Initial Release.

Deal With the Devil - level 2
You've sold your soul to Satan. With this perk you automatically gain 2000 caps to your inventory but lose karma.

Additional info: No requirements. Actual amount of karma lost is 500.

Old Father Time - level 4
With age also comes great power. After taking this perk, for every month that passes you gain an extra bonus to damage, going up +2% each month up to a maximum of +20%. This perk is best taken early to maximise its effectiveness.

Additional info: No requirements. To clarify this perk has no effect for the 1st month.

I know Kung Fu - level 6
You've mastered the secrets of the East and have no need to dodge bullets. You gain an addition 25% damage resistance as long as you are unarmed.

Additional info: Requires Unarmed 50+.

One in a Million - level 6
When lightning strikes, it strikes hard! When you score a critical hit, you have a 1/100 chance to triple the damage. With each subsequent level of this perk your chances double.

Additional info: Requires Luck 5+. Bonus damage chances per level are; level 1: 1/100, level 2: 1/50, level 3: 1/25.

Ghoul Hater - level 8
Being a bigot is fun, you gain an additional +25% damage every time you attack a ghoul, feral or otherwise so long as you maintain an evil karma level.

Additional info: No Requirements.

Mostly Harmless - level 8
Your innocent demeanor makes stealing from people a little easier. You gain an extra 30 points to sneak when pickpocketing as long as you maintain a good karma level.

Additional info: Requires Agility 5+.

Quick Footed - level 10
Make the most of your time out of the vault. You gain a permanent 10% speed boost to your movement.

Additional info: Requires Endurance 5+. This should not be taken with other speed mods. Player has to crouch/stand before the new movement speed can kick in.

Team Player - level 16
Your time spent making friends in the vault has served you well. While teaming up with others you gain a +10% critical chance to every hit while your enemy's chance is reduced by 15%.

Additional info: Requires Charisma 6+.

'Tis just a Scratch - level 16
Sure, you might get crippled, but you don't care. With this perk you won't suffer any negative effects from crippled limbs.

Additional info: Requires Endurance 6+. Note you can still suffer concussion.

Spirit of Grognak - level 20

The spirit of Grognak the Barbarian lives within you! In hand-to-hand and melee combat you gain a +50% critical chance on every strike - causing destruction and mayhem.

Additional info: Requires Strength 6+, Melee OR Unarmed 80+.

This mod should be compatible with all other mods, however the 'Quick Footed' perk which increases the movement speed by 10% should not be taken if you are already using other speed mods which create a similar affect.


To clarify (since it's been needed), many of these icons/perks are based on those from the Fallout Series, even Van Buren and the Fallout perk contest runner-up list. For a full credit list of where icons/ideas came from see:

Please do not reuse or repackage this mod or any of its files without permission. If you wish to mirror, redistribute or translate this mod then please contact me at [email protected] first.

Discussion on this mod can be done on the Bethesda forum:

If you like this mod then please leave a rating and comment. Should you wish to contact me in person please email me at [email protected] or visit my portfolio website or my webcomic

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