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This plugin adds new quest which basic events will occur in the Vault-74. NEW: v1.2 rus/ v1.3 eng (with improved English translation and some voice recordings)

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Name: Vault74
Quest title: "The mystery of the Vault-74"
Version: 1.2.
Category: Quest
Author: MuxauJl


This plugin adds new quest which basic events will occur in the Vault-74. During this quest you wll know, what had happened with vault dwellers & how these happenings can influence the life of wastelanders - and, perhaps, all mankind...

Italian version:


Quest starts in the area near Megaton. Just walk around the city wall & check out the eastern side.
In the vault you will encounter a lot of traps, dangerous enemies, interesting adventures (I hope so ) &, of course, receive a good reward for work.


- a character with 15+ level (or you may encounter a lot of difficulties)
- science & lockpick skills - 50+ (Lockpick is more important!)
- turn off the radio inside the vault (a custom sounds are using to keep "survival horror" atmosphere)
- louder the sound (for the same reason)
- do not take companions, complete quest alone (for the same reason)
- search the stuff in the rooms carefully (some information can be found only during detail searching)
- do not forget to view current objectives & minimap (sometimes, quest messages may not appear on the screen or float for a short period)

P.S. Do not forget to take some present in the Overseer office (especially for .44 cal. lovers )

Version history

1.3_eng, 21/08/2009
- improved English translation
- added some voice recordings (4 different voices)

1.2, 19/04/2009

- some small bug fixing;
- full English translation;

1.1, 17/01/2009

- some small bug fixing;
- some new sounds added;
- fixed the missing door texture;
- added enemies closer to final.

1.0, 17/01/2009 - release
0.9, 16/01/2009 - beta version.


All information about bugs, suggestions & wishes you can send me by PM on Nexus or via e-mail - [email protected]


I'd like to thank:

- Black Isle (& Interplay) - for Fallout universe creation.
- Bethesda - for a good F3.
- Timeslip for FOMM (it is hard to add plugins without it)
- All people which helped me.
- Zeliboba for English version of my plugin
- DJH612 for improved English translation and voice recordings


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