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Adds the Wattz series laser pistol and rifle (and uniques) to the game

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to

'Tempete' from the bethesda forums for assisting with the Casdin dialogue fix

'MadCat221' for teaching me how to make shader maps

and to all the folks at bethesda forums for all the critique, comments and suggestions during the development of this mod

-Replaces all regular laser pistols with the Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol from the classic fallout games
-Replaces all regular laser rifles with the Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle from the classic fallout games
-Replaces the Smuggler's End unique pistol with the Magneto-Laser Pistol design from Fallout 2
-Replaces the Wazer Wifle unique rifle with the Wattz 2000 Ext. Cap design from Fallout 2

*THIS IS NOT A FULL REPLACEMENT. All Enclave units still use the AER/AEP(Fallout 3) laser weapons*

*Random loot and vendors vary between the Wattz series and AER/AEP series*

*If you are running my old mod 'LaserRifleReplacer' make sure to replace it with this one. Do not run them both at the same time*

Adds the following
Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle
Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle Ext. Cap
Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol
Magneto-Laser Pistol

All found inside the Museum of Technology Atrium, on the display case upstairs

*It may look like the guns are floating on top of the display case, that's because Bethesda's collision box for the case is bigger than the case itself*

Fixed bug with enclave lasers not included in the Repair List

Fixed issue with Casdin not accepting the AER/AEP Laser Weapons.
Updated Textures for the WATTZ 2000 Laser Rifles

just extract/copy all the files within the mod to your Fallout3\Data directory

*Texture problems?
Under My Documents\Games\Fallout3 there's a file named FALLOUT.INI (FALLOUT Configuration Settings).
Using Notepad, open it then look for:


change that to:


save the file and run the game. Enjoy!

**Feel free to add this mod (or parts of it) to your mod, no permission required. However, credit for the use of this mod will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.**

*check out my scoped hunting rifle mod :)

*Sig Sauer 14mm Auto Pistol (classic fallout gun)

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