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An arcade style, stand-alone mod that lets you fight against hordes of ghouls.

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== Ghoul Massacre ==

ATTENTION: This is a stand-alone mod. That means do not play or save a regular game while it's loaded. It messes with some important game settings. This won't happen anyway as you will be teleported to the game area no matter where you are, but if you start a new game while the mod is active you might get problems.

You and your squad are pursued by a horde of ghouls. You fought your way through the remains of large city, but now you're stuck in a ruined building. The only way out would be the Metro tunnels you came from, but they are filled with thousands of ghouls by now. Your only chance is to defend yourself and hope someone rescues you if you hold out long enough.

This mod puts you and four squad members in a building facing a large plaza. At night the ghouls will come out of the Metro tunnels at the end of the plaza and attack you. Each night there will be more of them. You need to survive seven nights before you'll be rescued.

And here is how it works:

A few seconds after loading a savegame you will be teleported to the game area. Your stats and equipment will be adjusted accordingly. It will be noon when you start the game. At daytime you can use the radio to order new equipment, plant mines or sleep. If you sleep time will pass quickly and at midnight the ghouls will start to come out of the tunnels. Kill all of them to survive. Simple, isn't it?

For each ghoul you kill you'll get 45 caps you can spend at daytime. You will only get money for ghouls you kill yourself, either by shooting them or by frag mines. Artillery and squad member kills won't give you any money.

To call in air strikes use the switches on the tables. Of course you first need to buy them.

= Installation =

Extract the archive into your Fallout 3\Data folder and check the 'GhoulMassacre.esp' in the launcher.
Unless you add the line


to the [General] section of your Fallout.ini the squad members will have pale, white faces.

= Known issues and compatibility =

This mod is not compatible with regular Fallout games. It is meant as a stand-alone, arcade style shooter.
The 'pale faces' bug is a problem with the game engine itself, it will hopefully be fixed by an official Bethesda patch.