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Adds the key Jericho tells you about to Moriarty.

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I can't believe no one else has done this yet.

If you talk to Jericho in Megaton and give him money for booze, in return he'll tell you about the cabinet in which Moriarty keeps his caps, and the key that opens it. The only problem is - Moriarty doesn't have the key. This mod simply adds the key back into his inventory so that it can be pickpocketed as intended.

And, since I'm a sucker for modularity, I'm including a second, separate ESP that alters the cabinet's loot and sets it to respawn. By default the cabinet holds only a combat shotgun and some ammo; not exactly in line with what Jericho tells you about it. The modded cabinet holds:

One carton of cigarettes
One drug item (75% chance)
Two bottles of random liquor
Random number of caps (minimum 35, maximum 315)

So, to recap:

Moriartys_Key_Restored.esp: Adds strongbox key to Moriarty; renamed to "Moriarty's Strongbox Key" to avoid confusion with Moriarty's Office Key
Moriartys_Strongbox.esp: Renames bedroom cabinet to "Moriarty's Strongbox"; edits loot and sets to respawn