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Jessi - Teen Companion for Fallout 3 - Some of her Features: Teen Companion named \'Jessi\' Which is short for Jessica (Class:Ranger), Her own Ranged and Melee Weapons (Some custom and some custom textures), Hairstyle (By Ren), Run Speed Menu, Home Marker System, Battle healing.

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Description For Jessi Companion V3.6: By Loxy - 21/02/09

Jessi - Teen Companion for Bethesda's Amazing Fallout 3

PLEASE NOTE: To make her wear whatever you choose, Goto her menu and tell her to "GET NAKED" this will remove all her so you can add your own through her Inventory Menu Option. This question seems to be asked alot thats why I stuck the answer here :)

Also Note: If you have problems unpacking any of Jessi's files then please use 7-Zip to unpack her files, And the best of it, Its FREE!! :) Grab it Here:


Teen Companion named 'Jessi' Which is short for Jessica (Class:Ranger), Her own Ranged and Melee Weapons (Some custom and some with custom textures), Usual A.I packages, Her own Pip-boy Light, New Hairstyle (By Ren), Custom Eyes with 4 extra colours, Her own PipBoy3000 and Glove, 5 Outfits, Her own Inactive Slave Collar, She smokes / Eats / Sleeps and has a sandbox mode when not hired or at Home, She can change your Race for you and Repair your gear for you,Extensive Customizations, Any Karma can recruit her, She can heal in battle and out of battle with Stimpaks, Home Marker System, Run Speed Menu, Barber Menu and Many Many more features. Way too many to list :)

She now has 38 Hair Styles available for her - See Screenies

Location of Jessi:

Find her Loitering around Rivet City Markets.


UPDATE: 12/12/09

Regards the Menu Freeze or Jessi not talking and just greeting you. If you experience this bug then follow the instructions to reset her that's in the manual or below in the previous update then when you re-enable her avoid using the GUARD HERE function and instead use chill out instead. Sleepytime as worked out that this is causing the problems and for more info refer to Jessi's discussions on the matter.


UPDATE: 15/08/09

A few people seem to have a case of the Lazyitus lately :)
If you have the issue where Jessi's menus lock up then could you please take another look at her known issues read me for a work around.

This should be the first thing you do when you encounter an issue.

!!! Please install the new esp for version 4, this should fix the menu freeze. !!!
Please keep in mind i'm only having editing rights for this Jessi, if authors have done translations and conversions i can't provide support. You are welcome to message me, to ask how to fix her.

Many people seem to be new to fallout 3 and have problems with flashing textures or big red ? around Jessi.

Here's the Solution.

First install this little program: ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated.


Make sure you download the Automatic version and run it just the once. Doing this will save you much heartache in the long run with mods in general.

Now that's over onto your main problem.

Basically you have made the classic mistake of not copying the files over correctly and/or not clicking Overwrite to ALL when prompted.

So re-install Jessi and make sure that this time you drag and drop Jessi's DATA folder into your Fallout 3 folder (Don't copy it into Fallout 3s Data folder)

Now when you get a overwrite prompt click YES to ALL. Don't worry because all that's overwritten is file attributes or Jessi's existing files if a previous install was done.

If you do not click overwrite then you will for sure get the problems of the Big Red ?.

Setting Her Height

Some people have asked how to set her Height to A smaller size and some to a taller size, Heres How.

Approach Jessi and enter the Console(Tilde Key). Now Click on Jessi so her ID appears at the top of the Screen.

Now Type: SetScale (Size)

Size can be anything (Don't Include the Brackets ofc) but heres some Guidelines.

Child 0.95 (Or there abouts)
Adult 1.00
Fawkes 1.3 (Or there abouts)

When you are done Press Enter. If you wish to try another size then simple press the up arrow on your keyboard and edit the number and try again.

Note: When you save your game the changes will be saved also.


If you load your game in Rivet then make sure you exit Rivet (Change Cell) then go back before hiring Jessi (Very Important) or she will have issues with her gun and her heal menu.

But the best way is to just save outside before enabling Jessi.

You will NEED to clean your saved game for this Version if upgrading from ANY previous Versions including RCs and Releases and Instructions are included for cleaning your saved games..

For Version 3.5 this is a must do i'm afraid because folder structures have changed and some dialogues have been re-done which may cause conflicts if you don't first clean your saves.

If you have body/face/hand mismatch issues then try adding this to your Fallout.Ini file located in the same folder as your saved games and make sure you make a backup just in-case.

Add this in Fallout.ini under the line: STestFile1=Fallout3.esm


Use a Text editor like notepad to edit and save Fallout.ini and always make sure you back up Fallout.ini before editing.

Please make sure you Install ALL of Jessi's Main Folder as some of the Meshes and Textures have been updated to there latest versions.

As with all mods. Backup your saves before activating just in-case theres some major Plot/Game busting bug there. I doubt it but you never know. You have been warned! LoL.


Greets and Credits

Credits goto: Loxy38 for Jessi companion, Alex Reno for the excellent Mika companion and his very very good tutorials. Without Alex's help this mod would not have been possible, Ren for the excellent Hair/Eyes, Yoshikinakota for the Hair conversion, Naouak for the face texture (Love your work), Caiman for Early Beta Testing, Bunsaki for the excellent Blackwolf backpack (Thanks mate for letting me Hard-code the Backpack), Whiter Teeth Textures by Luchaire, Thanks to MlRage for the Lincoln Repeater texture, Umpa for the most excellent animations, Josef Grey for the alternate face textures, Trynfkwtme for the Stripclub mod which gave me the ideas for the Entertainment menu (Great Mod, Probably the best i have seen for FO3 so far), Vedren/Lynx101 for the Underwear Textures, shami6 for the Sexy Sleepwear Texture, Thanks to NtsRock for the Merc's Battle Knife, Soullance/HAL9000 for the G36c Amazing work U 2, Hope i didn't forget anyone.

Thanks and Greets goto all the excellent modders at Fallout 3 Nexus, Beth-Soft for Fallout 3 + GECK and all the above people.

A Very Special Thanks To: Jim_UK, Paxan_1, Tavone for there continuing support of Jessi, There Play/Beta Testing and being genuine decent People. Thanks U 3!


Please if you have any requests or Issues then please can you comment and or PM Me + Also would you be so good as to rate the mod and give kudos or whatever, Thanks.

Find all my other mods here:


UPDATE: Please do not re-upload or translate any BETA version unless its for personal use. I am sorry but I don't want BETA (Unfinished) version being re-uploaded to the nexus. You are of course still permitted to do translation of the RELEASE .ESP only, All the other files like Textures/Meshes and Sounds will have to be downloaded from this page. Please make sure that you contact me first before upping a Translation. Thanks.

You are permitted to use this mod (Esp Only) to do whatever you want with apart from you are not allowed to use the (ESP) for financial gain. All I ask is you give me credit for my work. You are not permitted to use any of the textures/meshes or Sounds in this mod without first contacting there authors for permission (See above credits).

Please do not upload this Archive or any of its components to any other website! I only give permission for this archive and its contents to be uploaded to Fallout 3 Nexus ( http://www.fallout3nexus.com ).

Thanks for Trying Jessi and I hope you Enjoy her like I do.