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jims89 but fixed by me

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Gives merchants more caps without breaking the buy/sell function.

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Eons ago, Jims89 created the Richer Merchants mod, which gives all merchants 100 times as many caps. Unfortunately, this mod broke the buy/sell function for certain merchants. I found the source of the problem and fixed it. This new version gives merchants 10 times as many caps as vanilla.

If you want more details about why the old mod broke the merchants... All merchants can hold a max of about 30,000 caps. If you give them more than that, you create an integer underflow that sends their caps into the negatives. In-game, they will still appear to have a positive number of caps upwards of 30,000. However, the game thinks they have a negative number of caps. So if you try to sell them something, they just take your stuff without giving you any caps in exchange. My solution was to just give them fewer caps. This new version is not as overpowered as the original, but at least everything works now.

Let me know if it doesn't work for some reason.