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Murderous Managery is a set of highly powerful, light and accurate weapons

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This is the first mod I created for Fallout 3. While teaching my son how to create his mod I decided to try one of my own for Fallout 3 while I wait for the Starfield CK. This is a simple mod but it results in a highly dangerous set of weapons for those that desire them. Mod on everyone.


The Story
An inventor named Michael Templeton found interest in creating the best weapons in the world. Well many people agreed he had succeeded. Thing is; Michael was killed during the great war leaving behind a crate of his most prized inventions. His cache was found in Michael's failed vault by a team of adventures who had no idea they were so highly refined. When the team of adventures were attacked by raiders the crate was yet again abandoned. After finding the chest in the wasteland, a child who left Megaton against his parents orders abandoned the chest near the player home in Megaton.

The weapons along with a wealth of other items collected by the bandits during their raids can be yours just by going to Megaton and claiming them for yourself. There are twelve Murderous Weapons in the case with some ammo for most weapons in the game. When I imply these weapons are murderous I am not exaggerating. They are extremely powerful so if you don't want to one shot most adversaries please find another mod.

Be careful around vehicles that are able to explode because you only need a single shot to set them off with many of these creations.

I set the durability on these weapon extremely high so you won't be headed to the repair bench for a very long time.

The assets for this mod are entirely Vanilla so you can be sure there is no conflicts with other mods. I didn't change any forms in the game so you can be sure it is not conflicting with anything else. That said; you can enjoy this mod with confidence.

There are two hand held weapons and ten ballistic weapons in the collection that are all way over-powered but I like the exploration therefore the easier I kill what is in my way the better. To help you carry all of them, they are lighter than their counterparts in the game. They may look the same but these weapons are better in a host of ways.

We all need to thank Bethesda for the game, the GECK and their continued support of these amazing games.