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This mod adds 19 new vanilla-style, lore-friendly hairstyles to the game.

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This is the Fallout 3 version of NuclearForest's mod, Mo'Hair - Vanilla Haircuts Expansion. I recommend visiting their mod page for a more detailed description of the mod and for a larger variety of screenshots.

This is version 1.5.1 of their mod, and it adds 19 new hairstyles. This mod is provided as is, and all credit for it goes to NuclearForest. 

Known issues:

The Pin-up hairstyle has a very noticeable "shine" that I don't think was present in the NV version (see screenshot). This mod by zzjay might fix the issue, but I didn't test it.

Fallout 3 lacks any type of hair patching mod similar to those from New Vegas, which means that these hairstyles will not appear on the list for any custom race mod you install. I intend to make a patch for T4 - Goblinas FO3, but for any other custom race mod you use, you'll have to make your own patch. It's very easy to do in FO3Edit, just a little tedious.