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a single esp of cut content for fallout 3

Permissions and credits
items added:
added Mr Burkes  housekey to his inventory
added  morariartys key to his inventory, that was refereced in dialogue
added Jerichos and moiras cut keys to their inventories
Added the  unique .44 caliber center fire to the Museum of freedom. This ammo will  be quite rare and will be used for the lincoln repeater and can be purchased at gun shops in the future.
npcs added:
added several raiders to the sewer in  L,enfantt
Mr Mulberry has now been added to Megaton
the two cut caravan traders has  now been added to Canterbury,one oof them can now be traded with
Books  and notes
added ONE copy  of the cut speech book:Motivational Secrets of the Stars
weapons added
-a unique assault rifle is now wielded by a named raider
Love Tap-a unique  brass knuckle has been placed
Law Dog-a unique 32.pistol can now be found in an apropiate location
Breaker-a unique nail board can now be found in an early location
Excalibat-a unique Baseball has now been placed at an aproriate location
O'Grady's Peacemaker-a unique  police batoon can now be found in the metro
Black Bart's Bane-a unique version of the BB gun can now be found
armour added
Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor
-a unique  set of armour is  now worn by a named  raider
Commando and Defender armour-unique  versions of leather armour can now be purchased
Wastelander's gear-a unique version of merc adventurer is now worn by a vendor
Blast Off helmet-a unique helmet has now been given to  Bumble,wo wears the matchinng PJ
Road rascal leather armor-a unique  set of Leather armour is  now worn by a named  raider
Talon combat armor-a unique set of combat armour has now been given to a named talon merc
Apocalypse gladiator armor-A unique set of metal armour is now worn by a slaver
The Devil's Pigtails-a unique raider helmet can now be found
All-Purpose Science Suit-a unique version of the science outfit can now be found
Added world objects
a cut sign  outside the hospital  inn vernon square

Perks added:
Restored and reworked the Better Rivet City Prices perk. You can now choose it when you level up
restored the kamikaze perk. You can now choose it when you level up
restored the cut ranks of Life Giver
effects restored
Misc stuff

all of tenpennys guards now wear their cut helmet
 restoed Bazaar to canterbury commons