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Quick edit of some early game guns so they are viable throughout your playthrough. Changes include the .32 pistol, chinese pistol, minigun, and both assault rifles.(Uniques and DLC are tweaked)

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Edit of some early game guns so they are use-able throughout your playthrough. (I did make tweaks to any DLC varients of these guns as well to make them more consistent)

Changes include:
(The critical damage was matched with base if not listed)

.32 pistol
base dam 6 - 7
crit dam 6 - 10
more accurate minimum spread

chinese pistol
base4 - 8
crit chance increased by 20%
Very accurate minimum spread

Assault Rifle
base8 - 10
more accurate
magazine24 - 20

Chinese Assault Rifle
base11 - 12
magazine24 - 30
accuracy unchanged

base5 - 7


base8 - 10
accuracy unchanged
magazine24 - 20
crit damage10 - 12


Zhu-Rong Chinese Pistol
base4 - 9
min spread is now 0

Xuanlong Assault Rifle
mag is still 36
Fire rate increased

base7 - 9
accuracy increased

base10 - 14
Still has low fire rate
Crit damage 14 -16
Crit rate is still 2.0

Wild Bill's Sidearm
base10 - 13
crit dmg15 - 17
min spread is now 0
10% more wild