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Enables a true no-kill run of Fallout 3 by providing immersive and lore-friendly alternate solutions to a number of quest objectives that otherwise require killing.

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Pacifism and More (PAM) provides immersive and lore-friendly alternate solutions to a number of quest objectives that otherwise require killing. If you ever tried a no-kill run and were frustrated because that radroach in the tutorial showed up as a kill on your Pip-Boy stats screen, this mod is for you. You can roleplay as a pacifist, or complete a challenge run without using the console and breaking immersion. It also changes some scenarios when completing an objective is technically possible without killing, but doing it wouldn't be fun. (Let's face it; letting enemies pound on you while you spam stimpaks and try to hack a terminal can get tedious after a while). The "and more" part of the mod consists largely of fixes for bugs in the vanilla game which I haven't seen addressed in other mods.

The current version allows you to complete the Fallout 3 main quest and the Wasteland Survival Guide without killing anything. Future updates will cover more side quests. I'm making this mod in parallel with a no-kill run on YouTube, so features are being added incrementally. The YouTube series also features mildly technical explanations of how the mod works at the end of each video. Feel free to watch along, and if you have suggestions for other side quests that need changes to make a no-kill run feasible (or less boring), leave a comment on a video or post in the forum here.

PAM Walkthrough on YouTube




  • New Item: Taser Fist. Unique variant of Power Fist; does minimal damage but stuns target for a few seconds. Good for clearing an escape route when you're surrounded. Sold by Flak and Shrapnel in Rivet City. Two things worth noting: 1) If you're attempting a pacifist run, be aware that "minimal" damage may still kill extremely weak enemies like radroaches. 2) It doesn't stun extremely large enemies like super mutant behemoths or giant ant queens.
  • Junk vendor inventories can spawn radscorpion poison glands, so you can make a dart gun without killing any radscorpions. NOTE: a bug in PAM v1.10 caused vendors to respawn nothing but radscorpion poison glands under Miscellaneous Items (weapons, armor, aid and ammo are unaffected). Normal miscellaneous items are restored with v1.20 or higher, but because lists persist across save files, even if the mod is uninstalled, users who update from v1.10 will still see large numbers of glands in vendor inventories. The only complete fix is to revert to a save file from before you installed v1.10.
  • VANILLA GAME BUG: If you read the Scouting Report on the overseer's terminal while escaping from Vault 101, talking to Moira about the armored vault suit makes the game forget you read the scouting report, and you won't get the related dialog options with Amata or the Overseer during Trouble on the Homefront. Fixed.
  • VANILLA GAME BUG: If you steal the armored vault suit, or if you don't ask Moira about it before starting the Wasteland Survival Guide, or if you ask her about it but then don't start the quest, then the option to ask Amata about it during Trouble on the Homefront will not appear. Fixed.
  • VANILLA GAME BUG: During Trouble on the Homefront, the Overseer often speaks the wrong line if you fail the speech challenge to persuade him to let the rebels go outside. Fixed.
  • VANILLA GAME BUG: During Blood Ties, in response to either the Charisma check or Scoundrel perk check to get the password to Ian's room, Holly calls the player a "guy" even if female. Fixed