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A Reupload of id2301/D_Seven's Enclave Power Armor Mod

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DISCLAIMER: This is a reupload of id2301/D_Seven's Enclave Power Armor Mod. I do not claim to own any of the textures or meshes contained in this mod.

I've taken some extra steps for convenience in this reupload:

  • Backups Folder individualized for both of the armors.
  • Merged texture folder for red coloration on armor. Individualized for either/or eyes and armor. (See screenshots)

The armors by default are black with black eye lenses and no armor glow/lights.

Steps for download

  1. Download Mod and place zipped folder anywhere you can easily access it.
  2. Unpack/Unzip folder.
  3. Pick which armor you'd wish to use and open it. You should now see:
  4.  (Armor Name) Merged Textures
    3a (OPTIONAL) If you wish to use the red eyes and red armor lights open merged textures and place the two DDS files in the
    texture/armor/(Armor Name)

    Select replace
  5. Drag and drop both the Meshes and Textures into your Fallout 3 Data Folder
  6. (OPTIONAL) Repeat for steps 1-4 for the other armor.
  7. Profit