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Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack ------------------------------------------------- - This is unoffical WIP enhancement mod based on: \"Wearable Backpack\" Mod by dumbassusername http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2161 This mod now work seperately and can work along side.

Permissions and credits
Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack 1.0a
- This is unofficial optimisation/enhancement mod based on: "Wearable Backpack" Mod by balian
This mod now work separately and can work along side.

If you wish the backpack to behave as portable container esp is now included. Add-on mod is original create by "TGBlank".
Blanks Container Backpack - An Addon for BlackWolf Backpack (Crouch will pickup backpack, Stand will activate container.

This mod adds a backpack with new model that you can wear. It increases your carry weight to 15/25/35/45/50/70.

The item can be purchased at:
- Moira`s Crater Side Supply in Megaton
- Chief Gustov in Tenpenny Tower
- Potomac Attire in Rivet City Market Place
+ Vendor Caps Will Be Increase by 500 (Once Only)

On first start you will receive a message indicating the backpack has been added to these vendors.

BlackWolf Backpack 15WG (Bum Pack, No Backpack Straps Used, Skinned Item, No Container Support)
-> Smaller Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow/ACUPAT Retexture.
-> Cost 150 Caps
-> Add 15WG Carry Capcactiy
-> Add 2 AR
-> Item 75 CND

BlackWolf Backpack 25WG (No Backpack Straps Used)
-> Smaller Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow Retexture.
-> Cost 200 Caps
-> Add 25WG Carry Capacity
-> Add 3 AR
-> Item 100 CND

BlackWolf Backpack 35WG
-> Standard Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow Retexture.
-> Cost 250 Caps
-> Add 35WG Carry Capacity
-> Add 3.5 AR
-> Item 100 CND

BlackWolf Backpack 45WG
-> Middle Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow Retexture.
-> Cost 300 Caps
-> Add 45WG Carry Capacity
-> Add 4 AR
-> Item 125 CND

BlackWolf Backpack 50WG
-> Large Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow Retexture.
-> Cost 350 Caps
-> Add 50WG Carry Capacity
-> Add 5.0 AR
-> Item 150 CND

BlackWolf Backpack 70WG
-> Larger Size Backpack with Black/Digital/JSDF/Snow Retexture.
-> Cost 400 Caps
-> Add 65WG Carry Capacity
-> Add 5.5 AR
-> Item 200 CND

Slot Usage Notes
-> Backpack use "Backpack" Biped Object slot
-> Backpack Straps use "BodyAddOn1" Biped Object slot
-> Backpack straps have low priority (Armor Addon). Other wearable items using "BodyAddon1" will take precedence.

Find and change line "bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" to "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" in files "Fallout.ini" & "FalloutPref.ini".

Useful Mod(s) To Improve Mod Installation/Compatibility/Texture Problems:
ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated
Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM)

Extract files from BlackWolf Backpack into your "Fallout 3\Data\" Folder

File structure should look like:

Fallout 3\Data\BlackWolf Backpack.esp
Fallout 3\Data\BlackWolf Backpack - Vendor Script Replenish.esp (Optional)
Fallout 3\Data\BlackWolf Backpack.bsa

Enable "BlackWolf Backpack.esp" in Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM.

Delete files in "Fallout 3\Data\" Folder with naming "Blackwolf Backpack".

* Optional Installation * (Compatability, leave disabled unless needed)
Enable "BlackWolf Backpack - Vendor Script Replenish.esp" in Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM.

This is if you wish to have the vendors restock the item everyday.
The script check runs once every 10 min of gameplay via quest. A dialogue box will appear to notify restock.

It is only required to run this file if you find vendor no longer has backpack anymore or upgrading from old file.

Optional Files - Esp
[OptionalESP]BlackWolf Backpack - Blank's Container Patch - Patch for mod that turns backpack into portable container
[OptionalESP]BlackWolf Backpack - Anchorage Gauss Rifle Fix - Fix Gauss Rifle hiding backpack (Require Operation Anchorage)
[OptionalESP]BlackWolf Backpack - Zeta Drone Cannon Fix - Fix Drone Cannon hiding backpack (Require Mothership Zeta)

Replacement Files - Esp
[ReplacementESP]AlternativeBackpackStraps - Alternative Bigger/Thicker Straps (May have clipping bugs)
[ReplacementESP]DisableBackpackStraps - Disables use of backpack straps.

Additional Replacement Files - Esp
[xReplacementESP]BumBagUseBodySlot1 - 15WG will use "BodySlot1" Biped Object Slot. (User can combine 15WG with normal backpacks, straps will disable with use)

[OptionalFILES]DefaultColourStockedOnly - Vendors's will only stock default colour backpack to reduce inventory clutter.

Additional Optimisation
[OptionalFILES] - BackpackXXWG (OptionalLowResNormalTexture).zip - Lower resolution normal map texture. (512x512-384kb)

Player.Additem Codes (Use FO3Edit to check as mod load order can cause change First 3 Digits XXX)
BlackWolf Backpack 15W XXX12673
BlackWolf Backpack 15W Digital Camo XXX12675?
BlackWolf Backpack 15W JSDF XX12676?
BlackWolf Backpack 15W SNOW XXX12677?
BlackWolf Backpack 15W ACUPAT XXX12678?
BlackWolf Backpack 25W XXX0FE5F?
BlackWolf Backpack 25W Digital Camo XXX0FE61?
BlackWolf Backpack 25W JSDF XXX0FE63?
BlackWolf Backpack 25W SNOW XXX0FE64?
BlackWolf Backpack 25W ACUPAT XXX0FE64?
BlackWolf Backpack 35W XXX00EA9?
BlackWolf Backpack 35W Digital Camo XXX03D3B ?
BlackWolf Backpack 35W JSDF XXX0BBAF?
BlackWolf Backpack 35W SNOW XXX0D654?
BlackWolf Backpack 35W ACUPAT XXX0D654?
BlackWolf Backpack 45W XXX0F7A5?
BlackWolf Backpack 45W Digital Camo XXX0F7A8?
BlackWolf Backpack 45W JSDF XXX0F7A9?
BlackWolf Backpack 45W SNOW XXX0F7AA?
BlackWolf Backpack 45W ACUPAT XXX0F7AA?
BlackWolf Backpack 50W XXX00EAB?
BlackWolf Backpack 50W Digital Camo XXX03D3C ?
BlackWolf Backpack 50W JSDF XXX0BBB0?
BlackWolf Backpack 50W SNOW XXX0D656?
BlackWolf Backpack 50W ACUPAT XXX0D656?
BlackWolf Backpack 70W XXX0F7A7?
BlackWolf Backpack 70W Digital Camo XXX0F7AB?
BlackWolf Backpack 70W JSDF XXX0F7AC?
BlackWolf Backpack 70W SNOW XXX0F7AD?
BlackWolf Backpack 70W ACUPAT XXX0F7AD?

Repair Form List
Backpacks have custom repair list and can be repair with each other, additionally can repair with:

- Wonderglue
- Box of Detergent
- Leather Belt
- Some Clothing (Wasteland, Casual)

Adjusting Backpack Size & Position
Backpack position/size can be adjusted with Nifscope

NifSkope -> Block List -> Name -> BSFadeNode -> NiNode -> (Right Click) NiTriShape -> Transform -> Edit

Makes use of Quest VendorAddItem Method via use of Game Start Script which should increase compatibility.

Known Issues/WIP
- Strange problem with havok collision meshes when apply to weared model.
- Sraps/Alternative straps model meshes may have clipping error when worn on some clothing/armor.
- Some Skinning distortion on altertnative straps.

User Reference: Other Mod with Wearable Backpack
- Jessi Companion
- RI - Primary Needs
- FOOK - FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit
- Sasha Ashe DPAT
- Jonas Essentials Equipment mod pack
- BlackWolfs Backpacks GERMAN
- Russian Translation [DoomTheFox] (0.9)
- Textures for Camouflage Uniform-Wearable backpack
- Textures for Wearable Backpack

3D Max Studio 9 + NifTools
Blender 2.4.8a
PyFFI 1.1.2
FOMM 0.9.15
FO3EDIT 2.2.5
DDS Converter 2.0
Paint Shop Pro 8

Many thanks to the following mod users to make this mod possible.

"Backpack Modders Resource" by HarbingerSP001
"Wearable Backpack" Mod by balian
"Blanks Container Backpack - An Addon for BlackWolf Backpack" Mod by TGBlank
"kschenk" for script suggestion for backpack disappear from vendor stock.
Nifskope Team, FO3EDIT, FOMM.

For bug reports please use the comment area in the fallout3nexus page of BlackWolf Backpack.
Because free time is not so good i cannot respond to all message

Additional Note
All backpack hand placed into world into "Talon Company Camp". Useful to add backpack to follower.

Other mod usage
Use of backpack in other mod is ok.

Script Code Source
User are free to use and modify code below to help with add own item to vendor.
(See Readme for Detail)

1.0a 25/01/2010
- Add seperate dirty texture test.
- Revised skinning on 15WG model to move align with pelivs.
- Revised 70WG model to less bulky.
- Add replacement esp to vendor stock only default colour.

1.0 30/12/2009 Final
- Add 15WG "Bum Pack" (Skinned Item)
- Add ACUPAT camo retexture.
- Revised 25WG/45WG/70WG Model apperance.
- Added blackwolf Logo to 25/45/70WG mesh models.
- Added Vanilla Fallout 3 backpack hide fix.
- Added Zeta Drone Cannon backpack hide fix.

0.9e 15/11/2009
- Fixed Object Effect on 70WG (Only give 50 weight increase before)
- Edited 35WG/45WG/50WG/70WG
- Removed collision/nif flags on weared models to fix disappear bug.
- Added 25WG/45WG/70WG models.
- Fix major vertex misalignment lower left in orignal mesh.
- Add custom Repair List to allow repair across backpacks.
- Minor update to readme & optional files.

0.9b 07/07/2009
- Condense Into BSA.
- Add optional esp to disable backpack straps.
- Add optional SNOW camo patch esp for " Blank's Container Backpack"
- Backpack straps causing clipping problems with many armor. Old style straps are now default.
- Position move from back for both sizes to prevent clipping.
- UnderSide Flap View Fix (Alternative Solution -> "NiStencilProperty" Draw Both Sides)