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Adds a unique Assault Rifle and a set of unique Combat Armor to the game.

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Adds a unique Assault Rifle, using the textures of the Alloy Steel Assault Rifle from Operation: Anchorage and a unique set of Winterized Combat Armor called Anchorage Combat Armor.

What Makes Them Unique
The weapon has slightly increased damage vs the standard Assault rifle (9 vs 8), has an increased crit chance, and has  a larger clip (30 vs 24) and increased the weapons health (450 vs 300)

The Armor has increased DR (36 vs 32),  Increased health (500 vs 400), and gives +5 Big Guns, +10 AP, and +1 Strength

The Helmet has increased DR (6 vs 5), Increased health (100 vs 50), and gives +1 Perception

Obtaining The Gear
The weapon and armor are located in the Wheaton Armory, replacing two of the Assault Rifles in the Armory itself.

If you wish to make your own edit of this mod, feel free. Just let me know in the comments, I would love to see it.