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Allows you to obtain the Main Fuse in the Presidential Metro without killing the Feral Ghouls OR the Sentry Bot who normally holds it.

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I was replaying Broken Steel recently, and got to the Presidential Metro. Wow this place was painfully unfinished. From a broken sequence where a train is supposed to crush Ghouls (and doesn't) to the game's scripting not working correctly in regards to tracking how many ghouls you've killed, this metro tunnel is a trainwreck (pun intended). Thankfully, there are mods to help mitigate this, like nerfing the Reavers and a fix for the train sequence, but you still had to kill that damn sentrybot.

But not anymore! Now you can find the fuses in the maintenance closet on the way to the train. If you have the Ghoul mask, you can just go on your merry way to Adams Air Force base without needing to kill anything. Neat!

Installation is the same as your standard .esp. Just drop it into your Fallout 3/Data folder, activate it in the mod manager of your choice, and you're good to go!