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A collision fix I threw together because I got tired of the firehouse in Old Olney blocking my bullets every playthrough.

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I got so salty about the really bad collision this firehouse had, I went out and banged my head against NifSkope for a few hours until I fixed what was bugging me.
FYI, My knowledge of NifSkope is near-nonexistent, so I offer no assurance that this won't come with whatever mistakes a layman might make using that tool.

Some parts of the collision are still poor (the vanilla collision on it is an atrocity), but you'll be able to actually shoot around the four corners of the building now. However, SciRika, who is far more qualified than I, has plans to address the other glaring problems with the mesh for eventual inclusion in TTW.

Thanks to Zilav for making Sniff, which fixed a bizarre collision bug I was got while attempting to make this.
Thanks to Pixelhate for making the Bits of NifSkopery guide, which pointed me to Sniff when I checked the troubleshooting section.
Thanks to Asesinamen for checking that this mesh works in Fallout 3 proper and not just TTW.

New Vegas page (the file is identical)