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This foul smelling sewer home is both cosy and interesting, with added Xmas bits to boot. Optional water purifier version now available.

Permissions and credits
- Full Home Amenities (Minus Rad Removal)
- "Working" TV to stare at
- Xmas Tree
- Safe Storage
- Small and compact size Home
- Underwater Exploration
- Special Xmas Puja / Offerings
- Scavenge Valuble Reactor Coolant (Dangerous)
- Map Marker
- Turret Defence
- Unique Glowing Radioactive Clothing
- Dust Mites
- Working electric doors
- Radios play Agatha's station
- "Mega" Stimpak from Anchorage DLC
- Lots of idle markers for whomever you leave there
- Navmesh for them tired tootsies
- Xmas Presents (It's a surprise)


Install ONLY ONE FILE, do not use not both and please do not attempt to upgrade mod version while in use. It will reset all mod containers and all items added from the mod will despawn.

Atmospheric basement living, complete with realistic empty old food and drink packets. You'll never feel alone with the rumble and glare of the TV you are too lazy to switch off. The ceiling fan throws more dust around the room than it does cool air.

A new map marker is added near Megaton called "Billboard Ruin". It's called this because it is a ruin, by a billboard. It's a convienient and discreet entrance, see. No other changes to the exterior cell, so no incompatibilities that I know of. Please inform me otherwise.
It has a christmas theme and features a plethora of Christmas related relics and collectables. Don't let that put you off though.

Dive for valuble reactor coolant or swim in the heavily contaminated waters. Glow with impunity wearing some Glowing Rags. Perfect for Ghoul or destroyed Megaton playthroughs. Don't forget the RadAway and RadX. You may drown.

This mod was created in the style of another of my upcoming mods. It was intended to be a palette cleanser for me and a new type of experience from a player home. There's a strong possibility that I will be making another, cleaner version of this (for fun). Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

Please ask if you have any questions, suggestions for ideas for your own spin on this mod. Happy to make you a version if I can. (: