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This mod simply removes police-related equipment or edits them to remove their police-related connotations.

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Fallout 3 contains several pieces of equipment which are police-related in nature. While that may be fine for some, those who have been victims of police brutality or discrimination might not feel comfortable being whacked with a "police baton" or shot by someone wearing a "police hat." This mod simply edits or removes those items to remove their police connotations for those who would prefer it that way.

This mod changes the following:
Police hat – Removed. It was rare and not very useful anyway.
Police Baton – Name changed to "Truncheon" to avoid police connotations. Technically a more accurate term anyway.
O'Grady's Peacemaker – Unique Baton, unused. Name changed to "Big Stick" just to be safe.
Law Dog – Unique .32, unused. Renamed to "32 Bit" just to be safe.

Considered Changing the Sherriff outfit, but gave it a pass because it gives off more "cowboy" vibes than "cop."

Let me know if I overlooked anything.

Also available for New Vegas here: