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Hack Enclave Eyebots into GNR Eyebots and help Three Dog spread the word. Hacked Eyebots play GNR radio and can be made to follow you and dispense chem darts.

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Update 099 - following fixes, now will wander across the wasteland looking for trouble when released.

This mod will add a cache of "GNR Hacking Modules" to a toolbox at the GNR studio. If you have the Robotics Expert perk, these modules can be attached to the Enclave Eyebots in the game, changing their loyalties and turning them against the Enclave. It will also make them tune in to GNR instead of the Enclave Radio station and allow you to load them up with Stimpaks and RadAway to be dispensed as chem darts by the 'bot when it thinks you need them.

If you have the Robotics Expert perk, just walk up to an Eyebot and activate it with one of these modules in your inventory and you'll be given an option to install it.

Hacked Eyebots will attack Enclave on sight.

Activating a hacked Eyebot will make it follow you.

Activating an Eyebot that is following you will allow you to either access its storage module or release it so that it will return to patrol the Wasteland.

If you drop Stimpaks or RadAway into the Eyebot's inventory, it will dispense them in dart form at you when it feels you need them. Extra chems can be retrieved from dead Eyebots, as can the Hacking Module. Load up a few Eyebots with Stims and release them, and you'll have a little automated backup next time you're in the area.

Note: The Eyebot must be able to see you to dart you, and will not dart you if it has not detected you (i.e. you are [hidden] or the Eyebot is not facing you).

Note: The chems loaded into the Eyebot are slightly more effective than vanilla chems, but also take a few seconds to come to full effect. They will heal crippled limbs.

Note: Eyebots that are following you will shut off their radios if you sneak.

With each Enclave Eyebot you hack you will gain a little karma and experience for helping ThreeDog spread the news about the Good Fight!

If you'd rather not jaunt up to GNR to get the hacking modules, the base code for the item is:

GNRHackingModule - 517A


Drop the .esp file into your Data folder and activate with a mod manager.


Deactivate the mod with a mod manager. Optionally, remove the .esp file from your Data folder.

I have play-tested this mod myself to make sure the features work, but I have not played it extensively.