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A lore friendly overhaul of the Nuka-Cola brand, adds 15 new flavors with leveled list integration and improved models/textures!

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        This is a port of nickheggo's glorious Nuka-Cola Overhaul that was made using assets created by Mkdo40

All of my mods are strictly NO donations, if you'd like to donate check out the original author(s).

-What's featured in this mod?-

- Added 9 lore friendly flavors of Nuka-Cola and 6 additional "mixed" flavors (which I refer to as Sierra's concoctions).

- Lore Friendly Flavors and their effects:

- Victory: +5 Rads, +10 Health, +1 Perception
- Quartz: +10 Rads, +10 Health, +2 Damage Resistance
- Rum & Nuka: +3 Rads, +10 Health, +1 Charisma, -1 Intelligence
- Cherry, Grape and Orange: +3 Rads, +15 Health
- Clear: +5 Rads, +10 Health, +1 Agility
- Wild: +3 Rads, +10 Health, +15 AP

- Dark (Alcoholic): +3 Rads, -1 Perception, +1 Strength, +1 Endurance

(Note: Each lore friendly flavor has its own unique label and color.)

- Sierra Petrovita's "Mixed" Concoctions:

- Nuka-Cide
- Nuka-Punch
- Nuka-Ray
- Nuka-Rush
- Nuka-Void
- Nuka-Xtreme

(Note: Every mixed flavor has the same label but unique colors, they all share +5 Rads & +10 Health as they're more of a collectable than an actual drink.)

- Vending Machines are now set with 3 different 20 percent chances to receive one of these new flavors: Victory, Quartz, Wild, Cherry, Grape and Orange. I also added the appropriate flavors into merchants leveled list for food & drinks (including liquor). Now you actually have a reason to go visit all those useless food vendors!

- Oh, Sierra Petrovita... Obviously I replaced most of the Nuka-Cola scattered around her house and added two of each of her mixed drinks. Also gave her two bottles of Nuka-Cola Clear and they are the only two in game. But don't you worry, there's still plenty regular Nuka-Cola lying around on the floor.

- Standard/Ice Cold Nuka-Cola, Quantum and empty bottles have had their models/textures replaced.

- There's an optional file if you want to add a glowing effect to the Quantum, Victory and Quartz flavors. Lore friendly of course.

- If you have any other mod(s) that alter Nuka-Cola or the vending machine you may run into conflictions.


Mkdo40 for the assets used in this mod, without him this would not be possible!
Tuxek for the cubemap.
nickheggo - for his NV version and giving me permission to port.