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Top quality armors and accessories ready for the Capital Wasteland. (Female Only)

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If you didn't already know, some of the best armor mods on Fallout NV Nexus come from nickheggo. I've recently been granted permission to upload his mods here on Fo3 Nexus so it's time to throw away all those old raggedy armors! As it will go with any nickheggo port, I'd highly advise you check out the original as there are always loads more customization options than what I'll include. You can find nickheggo's Gunner Operator mod here.

All of my mods are strictly NO donations, if you'd like to donate check out the original author(s).

-What's featured in this mod?-

- I've ported over three outfits (Gunner Operator, Gunner Leggings, Gunner Torn) and three accessories (Gear, Dog-tags, Vest). I didn't include the hat/balaclava but I can always update this mod if it's requested. The textures being featured in this mod were chosen by me and will not change, if you'd like more customization options then download the original. I removed the skull on the back of the Gunner Torn shirt but not much else was edited.

- You can purchase the Gunner Operator outfit, Dog-tags and Gear from Moira. Good for a new game 😉
- You can purchase everything from Tulip.

- The armor uses type 4 body base but your choice of body replacer should work fine. Female only, sorry my dudes. Some male/female armors will be ported next! If there is any particular nickheggo mod you would like me to port then leave a comment, otherwise I'll make my best judgement. Cheers!


v1.1 - Removed gloves from the outfit in the main file as they're glitched with the pip-boy glove, no more update file!  I truly don't know why exactly. Nevertheless, I'll keep this newfound information in mind with upcoming nickheggo mods.

If you do want the gloves then use Fo3 Edit and add in the biped list to the outfit, all the information is in there. Cheers!

Credits list from the original mod:

EvTital - Fallout 4 Version of the mod
AlpenWolf - GO Assets
Deep 3D Studio - Mechanix Gloves
EvTital - Balaclava/Vest/Sleeves/Legging meshes and textures
FX0x01 and DonJunk - Some of the Assets
Oh Deer - Textures
junkacc11 - Type4 Body
7thNighthawk - Screenshots and testing
Nickheggo - Porting and compiling of the NV version