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A combination of lore friendly and not-so lore friendly attire, featuring ported outfits from NV Nexus.

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The armors/clothes you'll find here come from many different sources of mod authors. I did a great deal of work editing everything from their meshes/textures to adding additional assets to make some better. I even took the creative liberty of combining some female only and male only outfits to create unison pairs. They've all been re-purposed to work under one esp and there are NO assets called for from New Vegas.

IMPORTANT: Most of the female outfits require Type 3 or some other similar body mesh.

Further details, below:

- Faith Outfit (Mirror's Edge) - Female only, some of the original textures were SO bright it was painful to look at. I use DC Moods and Color Enhancer Level 1 so I fixed the textures in accordance to that.

- Mercenary Wanderer - Male only, added as a male variant to the Faith outfit. I tried to recolor and edit the textures but ended up keeping it similar to the original. Mesh was edited as well. a couple assets were removed. I also brought over the tactical gear which originally comes from the Jill BSAA mod.

- Renown Explorer Outfit (Lara Croft & Nathan Drake) - A good combination, female version is Lara while the male version is Nathan. There are two additional accessories for each, the 'Tomb Raider Backpack' and 'Uncharted Scarf'.

- Lotus Armor - Now this one is truly female only, I gave it a female pip-boy icon so you can easily remember. The textures have been wildly re-edited to fit what I wanted. I also gave it a set of fishnet gloves specific to the armor. There was this strange glitch with the armor where your trigger finger extended out of place. Turned out the shoulder mesh was attached to the finger pathing.

- Apocalypse Outfit (Alice & Falling Skies) - The female version is Alice from Resident Evil while the male is a NV ported outfit made by Dragbody. They're not very similar to one another but they both fit the namesake. (Note: This Alice outfit is not Belthan's, though I did include that one.) I did some serious editing to the Falling Skies mesh to decrease clipping issues, you're welcome male characters.

- Blackwatch Armor/Helmet - If you ever played Prototype you'll probably remember this one, male and female. I edited the textures of the glowing white jumpsuit to be duller and a bit worn.

- Survivor Outfit (Belthan) - Comes from the mod 'Alice4Alice Nevile4Nevile', I really liked the suitcase and note Belthan created but I didn't like the location. So now the suitcase has been re-located to the men's restroom in Megaton. Makes for a good starter outfit too! Male and female.

- Alyx Vance Outfit - Truly female only, has been given a female pip-boy icon to help you remember. I didn't play much of Half-Life 2 but I'm certain it's similar to that game.

- The Anger Outfit - Ported from New Vegas, resembling attire from the game 'Brink'. Male and female.

- Mad Max Outfit (New in 1.3) - Black leather armor fitted with loads of straps and pouches. Male and Female.

- All of the outfits can be purchased from Tulip in the Underworld Concourse-


v 1.1 - Removed some excess textures that were not being used and tweaked the file pathing for the Faith male outfit.

v 1.2 - Fixed up several textures and removed even more un-used assets, sorry about that. Furthermore, I've added object effects for every article of clothing to make them unique.

v 1.3 - Added a new Mad Max inspired outfit originally created by TOXA. There is also a new optional download for a 'strapless' falling skies outfit (Apocalypse) that I edited per request.

Redline_C64 - Original Mirror's Edge and Lara Croft mod
Thundersmacker - Assets used from mercenary wanderer mod
Fizz99 - Original Lotus armor mod
TOXA - Original Blackwatch Commander, Alice outfit, and Mad Max mod
zzJay - For the fishnet gloves used on the Lotus armor
Weijiesen - Original cube-maps
Dragbody - Original armor pack mod (Uncharted, The Anger, Falling Skies)
Belthan - Original Alice4Alice-Nevile4Nevile mod

Tools used: Nifskope
GNU Image Manipulation Program