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Nearly ALL of my weapon mods and more packed under a single ESM, for a total of 70 weapons. Features integrated NPC leveled list. Crazy!

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I remember back in the day all I wanted in Fallout 3 was real life weaponry. To make it a gun collecting game where you explore, collect, buy guns, kill baddies, repeat. This mod is a culmination of all my years playing and modding Fallout 3, along with community based effort.

Truly I appreciate each and every one of you who put time into any of the weapons featured here. I'm also grateful for the community and the support/feedback you all give.

Thank you!  👍

IMPORTANT: This mod requires you have all DLC's and Calibr, the only ammo I used from Calibr is the 9x19mm for a few SMGs/handguns. I put some 9x19mm rounds in each of the vendors inventory so don't worry. Also, the weapons have been fitted to my 'Animation Compilation' mod found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/25102

New in version 2.0:

- NPC leveled list is finally here! The main file's ESM is now loaded with my all new leveled list entries. To get the FULL experience I would highly suggest you start a new game. Regardless, if you're continuing a saved game be sure to wait 4 days in-game within an isolated interior (such as your player home). I posted a picture of all the leveled list entries being overwritten by my mod so be sure to check that if you have any questions.

- I've included a folder named 'optional AIO', within it you'll find an esp and a 'no leveled list esm'.

- The esp is so that you can place my mod lower on your load order, ensuring that my leveled list overwrites any other mods. Be sure to use either the esp OR esm, do not use both.

- Obviously the 'no leveled list' esm is for those of you who don't want NPC's using them.

- Two new weapons have been included, a superb M14 Sniper and classic M1911.

Recommended Fallout 3 Mods to go with my leveled list:

- Zealotlees' MP5: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/5431
- Millenia's AK 74u: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18137/

Now, onto the details... There's a total of 70 weapons for you to collect, all of them have been edited by me over the course of my life. I fixed SO many things from their stats, textures, meshes, item conditions, repair list, projectiles, shell casings... It was seriously a lot. There were certain goals I wanted to accomplish with this mod; such as organization, esm/esp trimming, compatibility, etc...

- With this 1 ESM I was able to personally trim off 3 ESMs and 11 ESPs, how's that for optimization? This mod will also become the central spot for any new weapon mods I may want to add to Fallout 3. Expect various updates and fixes in the future.

- I've included a couple of reload animations for certain weapons, 2hareloadK and 2hareloadF. The reload F is an updated version that has partially working sounds, it's something I'm still working on.

- All of the weapons have been modified to work with my 'Animation Compilation' mod, found here:


The weapons you'll find available (today) and their locations:

New weapons in update v 2.0 (Note, you may have to wait up to 4 days in-game):

- M14 Sniper: Can be purchased from Flak & Shrapnel.
- M1911: Can be purchased from Tulip.

New weapons in update v 1.2:

- M9 Beretta: Can be purchased from Tulip.
- Saiga 12k: Can be purchased from Captian Knight Durga.
- ACR Magpul: Can be purchased from Chief Gustavo.

RH_Ironsight weapons, I've included five weapons from roguehallow. All of these can be purchased from Tulip:

- Scar-H
- M14 Rifle
- M1 Thompson
- Sidewinder (Custom assault rifle)

FWE weapons, all of these can be found within the armory of the National Guard Depot:

There's a locker named "Confiscated Weapons Cache" near the small guns bobblehead.

- M14 Tactical
- M32 MGL-140
- Mini Uzi
- G36C
- M16A3
- ACR Tactical
- Nambu type-14
- Browning HP
- Walther MPL
- AUG Steyr
- Makarov PM
- Walther P38
- SG552C
- SG552C SD
- G3A3
- Luger P08
- RPK74
- PPSH14

FOOK2 weapons, all of these can be purchased from Flak & Shrapnel:

The weapons on Flak & Shrapnel's table are swapped just like in my Quality of Life mod, I advise you download the QoL Armors only file if you were previously using that.

- UMP-45
- Scythe
- AN-94 Abakan
- Glock 18c
- Skorpion Vz61
- KG-9

- Klin PP-9
- IMI Galil
- Steyr Scout
- Taurus Raging Bull
- LR-300
- USP-45 Match
- Long Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun
- Mac-10
- PP-19 Bizon
- Samurai Edge
- RK 95 TP
- Wesson .44
- Golden Eye (TT-33 pistol, Gold)

Armament Upgrade, you can purchase these from Chief Gustavo:

- AS50 Accuracy International
- M416 Carbine
- FNC Para
- MG23E
- Micro SMG
- Walther P99
- Walther P99 (Laser)

Quality Weapons, each will have their specific location listed:

- FN Five-Seven: Purchase from Moira.
- FN Five-Seven Tactical: Purchase from Flak & Shrapnel.
- Scar-L: Purchase from Tulip.
- Vector SMG: Purchase from Flak & Shrapnel.
- M468 Carbine: Purchase from Moira.
- M468 Sniper: Purchase from Tulip.
- Striker Shotgun: Purchase from Flak & Shrapnel.
- L96A1: Purchase from Tulip.

Bonus Weapons, a handful of weapons I've worked on over the years:

- XM-8: That vendor in the Citadel, Captain Knight Durga. Purchase it from her. If you have a mod that alters her inventory this might not show up, hasn't been tested as I haven't found a mod that does such.
- Glock 19: Purchase from Chief Gustavo.
- WA2000: Purchase from Chief Gustavo.
- Spas-12: Purchase from Moira.

So there you have it, all 70 weapons accounted for and fitted with an eye for quality. If you're already using any of the mods/weapons listed above I advise you toss out those old esms/esps (Besides RH_Ironsights). It does mean you'll have to retrieve your weapons again however, I had to re-collect all 70 so no one's got it worse than me.


v1.1 - General fixes to weapons and conditioned items in vendors inventory. Also revamped the grenade launcher (M32 MGL-140) with the original sounds and projectile. There's an update file if you already downloaded 1.0 that includes a new esm, grenade launcher projectile sounds/meshes/textures.

v1.2 - More fixes to the esm mostly involving the stats of shotguns. In addition, 3 new guns have been added to the list. I edited the meshes of all three weapons so there weren't any strange model mishaps. Edited the M9 Beretta textures to look better in a few spots and the ACR textures to use the default color instead of the desert skin. Enjoy!
v1.3: Forgot to update the mesh I put in the 1.2 update for the Saiga 12k so that's been corrected.
v1.4: Rebalanced the stats of the shotguns so they don't one shot everything, sorry about that.
v1.5: Patched up the ESM so the shell casings/projectiles use only base game assets. I went over each and every weapon again and matched up everything to their vanilla counterpart (i.e. M9 Beretta - 10mm pistol). Go figure that looking over 68 weapons would have problems, cheers!

v2.0: Leveled list has been created, rejoice! Two weapons have also been added. I edited the textures/mesh of the M1911 to crisp it up and give it a little girth. M14 Sniper was tweaked slightly but not much was altered.
v2.1: For some reason the Walther P99 had the plasma critical kill effect, I have no idea why. So I took the opportunity to add a couple more weapons to the leveled list and triple check all my work.
v2.2: After more testing I realized I gave the NPC's just a little too much ammo, essentially double from the base game amounts. So all of those have been cut in half, otherwise I feel like everything is working as intended. 


Roguehallow: RH_Ironsights weapons
FOOK Team - FOOK2 weapons
LinkesAuge - The original uploader of FOOK
Swampfox92 - Iron sight meshes for FOOK
Tubai - Calibr
FWE Team - Original FWE mod
hitsuji0120 - FWE Combat Overhaul mod
Heroinzero - FN Five-Seven pistols
Thelma/ Twinkes Edits - FN Five-Seven model
Racer445 - FN Five-Seven textures
Toxa - Original uploader of various weapons and STALKER weapons
Zealotlee - Original ACR mod, uses texture/model
HAL-9000 - Original Glock 19 mod
Munkeenuts - Original armament mod and created the WA2000
Redline_C64 - Original Scar-L and XM8

luiginao1 - Original Vector port
Eprdox - Original Vector mod
Clint1337Wood - Original Spas-12 mod
Hitman47101 - Reload animation used for Famas, WA2000, etc...
Sandraniks - For the original M14 Sniper and M1911, Weapon Replacer
Yodunheim - I've put in a lot of work so I deserve credit too, the ESM alone took well over 50 hours to edit since v2.0.

Tools used: Nifskope
GNU Image Manipulation Program