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Aparece una seguidora a las afueras del Refugio 101. Es una androide de apariencia superrealista que trabajaba para Vault-Tec desde mucho antes que cayeran las bombas.

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Descárgalo aunque no tengas los mods requeridos, los tendrás, créeme.
Download it even if you don't have the required mods, you'll get them soon, trust me.

1era BETA Pública

**Este no es el mod definitivo, es una beta que necesito que se pruebe en diferentes PCs**

En la mía funciona con este orden de carga:


EDNA v4.5. Vault-Tec, 2032. Todos los derechos reservados.
Sistema Motriz v?.?. RobCo, 2025. Todos los derechos reservados.

FallOut 3 GOTY


Aparece una seguidora a las afueras del Refugio 101. Es una androide de apariencia hiperrealista que trabajaba para Vault-Tec desde mucho antes que cayeran las bombas.

Su directiva de interacción con los humanos sigue activa, por lo que no revela toda su historia, sólo dice lo que le está permitido decir.


Breves características (En el 'final build' lo explicaré todo):



-Compartir su inventario

-Arregla cualquier item (Te cobra, pero te metes en su inventario y le quitas las chapas)

-Puntería brutal, aunque no es 'overpowered'

-Tiene un fusil único para ella y sólo para ella, el trotamundos no puede usarlo

-Su fusil tiene munición infinita

-Dale un hogar y puedes enviarla a casa

-No puede morir

-Cambia la distancia de seguimiento entre normal y lejos

-Puedes despedirla (Obvio) y Volverá a la entrada del Refugio 101

-Puedes re-contratarla si la despides, pero puede que te cueste.

-Tiene su historia (Cuando la conoces y también puedes saber sobre su pasado si ella está esperando o en guardia)

-Automáticamente se va a casa si entras al Refugio 87 (No he probado si eso funciona)

-Todas las líneas de diálogo son random (469 en total), osea, que no se hará fastidiosa al cabo de un tiempo. Y con lipsync

-Se teletransporta automáticamente a ti si está muy lejos



-The Pitt
-Shojo race

*Recuerda, es una beta, no está terminada*


1st Public Beta

**This is not the 'definitive edition', it's a beta version I need to test on other PCs**

On my PC it works with this load order:


EDNA v4.5. Vault-Tec, 2032. All rights reserved.
Motion System v?.?. RobCo, 2025. Aw wights wesewved.

FallOut 3 GOTY


Spawns a companion outside Vault 101. It's an hyper-reallistic android who worked for Vault-Tec long before
the 'nuclear winter'.


Brief characteristics: (I'll explain it better on the 'official release'):



-Share inventory

-Fix any item (She charges you, but you can get your caps back from her inventory)

-Brutal accuracy, although she's not an overpowered NPC

-Owns an unique rifle to her. The player can't have it

-Her rifle has infinite ammo

-Give her a home, and send her home

-She can't die

-Changes follow distance between Normal/Far

-You can fire her (Obviously) and she will walk her way back to the Vault 101 entrance

-You can re-hire her if you want, but it may be hard...

-Has her own story (She tells you when you first meet her, if you want to know more, listen to her Idle chatter when she's waiting/guarding)

-Automatically goes home if you enter Vault 87 (Not tested)

-All random, lip-sinced dialogues (total: 469), this means, she won't get annoying after some time

-Automatically teleported to player if she's too far away.


You need:

-The Pitt
-Shojo race

*Remember, it's a beta, she's an unfinished mod*


Aw, hell no


So far she can:
-Repair items
-Share inventory
-Counter-strike if the player attacks her and she's not hired as well as accepting player's rendition
-Set home
-Go home
-Fire (Of course I had to add that) she goes back to where she's found
-Re-hire (Mmm.. yes obviously)
-Change follow distance (Normal/Far)
-Owns an unique rifle with infinite ammo (Player can't have it)
-35 lines of idle chatter
-All random commands such as good bye, trade, repair, wait/continue,
guard/continue and greet. She will never bother the player with the same
lines over and over again.
-Top-left screen messages when a command is given to her
-She's unkillable (Essential)
-Talks s*** if you murder or steal ---It's partially working,, she won't comment about stealing or killing friendly NPCs
-All of her menu lines are voiced and lip-synced
-Automatically goes back home if the player enters Vault 87 (I haven't tested this yet)
-Backstory intro (All voiced, if the player wants to know more, he has to listen to her IdleChatter)
-Automatically teleported to player if she's too far away
-380 lines of dialog... and I will add more. 

And so far I've been unable to

-Fix the CTD when talking to vanilla NPCs ---Solved with FOMM, see screenshot
-Set a map marker when she's waiting/guarding
-Fix the menu bug: No matter what priority I set, they're always on the same
order. And sometimes some options like 'continue' while she's
guarding/waiting/home will not appear until I select 'share inventory' or 'repair' first. The
'goodbye' option doesn't show up everywhere as it
-Create a walkie-talkie to call her when the player needs help (I've looked into Cherry's 2-way headset and it's complicated)
-Fix her CUTE Bag: For now it only appears when she has grenades equipped or her rifle is unequipped. It used to be visible all the time until I modified her rifle to use Ammo556Robot and gave her the mentioned ammo type.
-Remove her from the "PlayerFaction" if she's fired, so she becomes hostile if the player attacks her. Right now, if I fire her and then shoot her, she won't become hostile, just say "ouch" and continue walking.


Where's Alicia's shop?