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A unique modern outfit and backpack ported from Fallout NV, includes male and female version.

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You can find the original mod, here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54044

It's that time again, another amazing mod created by Dragbody ported to Fallout 3. All of the meshes/textures have been edited by me personally so they do NOT use any New Vegas assets. I did some fixing to the original mod and tweaked the female clothing meshes to decrease clipping issues.

IMPORTANT: The male version requires a body replacer such as 'Roberts' to work properly. I don't use a male body replacer so all of the screenshots you see are without a body replacer. The skin is concealed a little with the gloves and elbow pads but it's still noticeable for sure.

This mod has been changed completely in the new 2.0 version, here's what's new:

- There is only 1 outfit in the game along with the backpack. I've included ALL the shirt/pants textures from the original mod as extras so you can customize the outfit however you want.

- To switch out textures first go to your Fallout 3 data folder, textures\nexusarmorpack2\uncharted

- Here you'll see two files labeled 'Shirt' and 'Pants', these are the current textures used for your outfit.

- By default the textures for the outfit are a black shirt and denim jeans.

- In the 'uncharted' folder you'll find another folder labeled 'Extra Textures'.

- Inside 'Extra Textures' you'll find two folders for shirts and pants.

- Each texture has been categorized in their own folder with re-labeled file names, either 'shirt' or 'pants'.

- From there you can drag out any file into the 'uncharted' folder and overwrite the old textures.

- Easy as that! I will keep the old 1.0 version as it's much more user friendly but only gives a limited amount of options.

- As always, you can purchase these from Anthony Ling in Tenpenny Tower-

Updates:  v2.1: renamed the textures to be easier to understand.

Dragbody - the original mod

Backsteppo - yoko's gun belt

Marcus Dublin- elbow pads from his outlander mod

weijiesen - cubemaps

Tools used:
Fo3 Edit

GNU Image Manipulation Program