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A set of five backpacks built ready for the Wasteland, ported from Fallout NV.

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You can find the original mod, here: 

All the credit goes to Dragbody who created these, I edited the meshes/textures so they do NOT use any New Vegas assets. The five backpacks actually weren't included in the original mod's esp but I saw potential in them.

The backpacks have straps that physically go around your characters arms (besides the wastelander). I personally didn't have any clipping issues with the straps but I can't say the same for everyone. It is something I can edit down the road but only if it's requested.

The five backpacks:

- Basic
- Wastelander
- Medical
- Repair
- Mercenary

I gave each of them specialized stats that correlate to how they look, while also boosting their carry capacity. They've also been given personalized pip-boy icons (not custom) to make it feel like they belong in your game. There are A LOT of components to these backpacks so if you see any flickering textures let me know.

- You can purchase the backpacks from Anthony Ling in Tenpenny Tower-

v1.1 - Edited a couple of the textures, I was busy at that moment but it's all good now.

v1.2 - Edited the base bag texture so it has less of a glowing effect, I wasn't happy with how the lining of the bag glowed in the dark so it looks better now.

Credit: Dragbody - for the original mod, models/textures

Tools used: Fo3 Edit
GNU Image Manipulation Program