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A mod that sets caravans, permanent and temporary companions, Scavengers, hunters (non-cannibal), plus several vulnerable NPCs in Fallout 3 to be essential. This is a personal mod that I decided to share.

Permissions and credits
This is a very basic mod that sets caravans, permanent and temporary companions, Scavengers, hunters (non-cannibal), plus several vulnerable NPCs in Fallout 3 to be essential. No scripting just changing NPC flags to be essential and respawn so the only thing you can do is knock the NPC unconscious, should be compatible with just about anything, but I don't entirely know. Very new to making mods this is my first so if you find any bugs please post them on this page for me to fix, and tell me of any incompatibilities so that I can list them here. The optional files are there so you can pick and choose, the main file is not required for them to work. Any changes, fixes, and or additions you think I should add please tell me so I can do so.
- If you have any mods overhauling the main companions you may have a problem with the companions being essential, in that case, use the bat file along with whatever part of the main mod your using. Bat files should be compatible with anything.
 - I recommend loading as far down on your load list as possible I had some problems with caravan guards dying but after doing this it seems to have fixed it.

 - Essential NPC's Full
      Essential NPC's Main - requires only Fallout 3 - required file
      Essential NPC's Anchorage
      Essential NPC's Broken Steel
      Essential NPC's Point Lookout
      Essential NPC's Mothership Zeta

must use main but can disable any you don't have the DLC for, same for any optional files that have a DLC plugin.
Installation: just drop into the Fallout 3 Data folder
As for the bat files you need to put them in the folder with the Fallout3.exe, and when you go into the game open the console then type bat esson to enable and bat essoff to disable, after that save your game.

_NPCs made essential_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

__Caravans__________________________________                ______Fallout 3 & DLC______
Crazy Wolfgang his guard and pack brahmin                  All non-cannibal Hunters
Crow his guard and pack brahmin                                    All Scavengers
Doc Hoff his guard and pack brahmin                             All water beggars      
Lucky Harith his guard and pack brahmin                             
For Broken Steel the water caravan 
drivers, guards, and pack brahmin

_Companions_                 _______________________________Temporary Companions______________________________________
Dogmeat                          -Fallout 3 Only              -Anchorage                           -Broken Steel                   -Mothership Zeta
Butch                                    Initiate Pek          Sgt. Montgomery                     Paladin Tristan                       Paulson
Charon                                  Bumble                Strike team Grenadier                                                              Elliott Tercorien
Clover                                   Cherry                  Strike team Infantryman          -Point Lookout                       Somah
Fawkes                                 Shorty                  Strike team Missile Unit       Desmond Lockheart                 Toshiro Kago
Jericho                                 Rory Maclaren    Strike team Mister Gutsy                                                           Sally
Sergeant RL-3                     Doctor Li              Strike team Sentry
Star Paladin Cross             Red
                                            Paladin Hoss

__________________________________________________Other NPCs________________________________________________________________

_____Arefu_____     _____Big Town____   _Canterbury Commons_  ___Falls Church__  __Girdershade__    _Jefferson Memorial_
Alan                         Bittercup                   Dominic D'ellsadro           Initiate Pek            Ronald Laren         Alex Dargon
Brailee Ewers         Dusty                         Joe Porter                         Paladin Hoss        Sierra Petrovita      Daniel Agincourt
Evan King               Flash                         Machete                                                                                            Dr. Madison Li
Ian West                 Kimba                       Uncle Roe                                                                                          Garza
Karen Schenzy      Pappy                                                                                                                                   Janice Kaplinski
Ken Ewers             Red                                                
Lucy West             Shorty 

_____Lyons' Pride_____     _Marigold Metro Station_  ___Megaton___    _Reilly's Rangers_  _Robco Facility_   __Wasteland__
Knight-Captain Colvin       Doctor Lesko                      Deputy Weld        Brick                        Tinker Joe            Ben Canning 
Knight-Captain Dusk                                                      Lucas Simms      Butcher                                                 Uncle Leo
Knight-Captain Gallows                                                 Stockholm           Donovan
Paladin Glade                                                                  Walter                  Reilly
Paladin Kodiak
Paladin Vargas

 _Temple of the Union_
Alejandra Torres
Bill Seward
Caleb Smith
Hannibal Hamlin 
Simone Cameron