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A new, fully-voiced side quest in the world of D.C. to uncover a long-buried pre-War secret. The promise of treasure has left so many in the dust, and it's up to the Lone Wanderer to finally crack this case.

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Whispers have long traveled the Capital Wasteland since the Great War of treasure to be found within the Capitol Building, alongside tales of a runaway senator and his riches. While traversing the ruins of The Mall, the Lone Wanderer will stumble across Charlie, one of many doomed treasure hunters, now on death's door. Through his guidance, the Lone Wanderer begins on a path to finally uncover the secrets of Senator Jonas Disori, and what he left behind in a bloodbath shortly before Judgement Day, 2077...

This is my first mod, so if you enjoy it, please endorse and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts. It consists of a two-part quest arc and is about the length of a normal Fallout side quest, about an hour or so. It will fit into the world naturally, being lore-friendly. It is fully voiced, with nearly 300 lines of dialog, and features five new interiors in total. To start the quest, find Charlie by fast traveling to the Museum of History, heading towards the Washington Monument and he will be off to the right.

Installation will work manually or with your mod manager of choice.

Voice Actors
Jessie Jones - Charlie Dogwood
Kiyana Morgan - Sharlene Dogwood
Auryn Martin - Initiate Rahab
Ross K. Foad - Pollock
Norm L - Frank Meissner
ZomTM - Horatio
Martin Laston - Senator Jonas Disori
Lauren Moore - Layla Disori
Striped_Tracksuit - Doctor McAllister
Zane Tomich - Agent David Urquhart
Xaven Cross - Special Agent Taylor Maeller
Matthew Ruzbasan - FBI Agent #1
Isaac Jackson - FBI Agent #2
Tyler Mindo - Special Agent Collins
Myself - Special Agent Edmundson

Other Attributions
Credit must be given to The Man With The Acronym and Kirk Rutledge for developmental/GECK assistance, as well as Martin Laston for help with voice acquisition and casting. Thank you!

Although the mod has minor political themes, they are squarely within the Fallout universe. Please don't be that guy by bringing real-world events into discussion.

As seen on 
TheGamerTV Tropes, IMDb, and Backloggd. Voted November 2021 Mod of the Month. Also try the quest mod Goodbye Blue Sky, which has been updated with many of the same voice actors featured in this mod!