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Overhaul for the fully voiced companion by Sean_s with custom outfit and weapon.

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Cecil makes me chuckle, there are loads of companion mods which are not voiced with way more downloads but Sean_s did a great job giving him a believable personality, and his voice acting is spot on. This mod aims to improve certain aspects of the lovable nerd, Cecil 2.0 is a completely standalone mod as both he and his weapon were made free to use by their authors.

Changes made to original mods.

When fired he would walk around inside a building bumping in to walls which looked kind of robotic, now he stands in the corner and has a few animations like sobbing his little heart out, which makes sense once you hear his dialogue. All fixes from updated unofficial Fallout 3 patch have been included so that is required. There are a few other minor changes I can't remember.

That's it?

No, the meat of this mod is his custom outfit and weapon. I'm a huge fan of Aliens, so Cecil is now a Colonial Marine, the most nerdy and quite frankly unlikely marine there ever was. I like to think he suffered some sort of breakdown after all the horrors he encountered out in the wasteland. The Fallout Pulse Rifle is not fun to use so I focused on making it look as nice as possible. My version is based on the one by Jab_Bauer so its 100% accurate to the film, I added a working glow map to the ammo counter and a normal map it was missing before. I had to go with a clean look as any detail applied to the underside gets messed up by the nif. It is using the sound from mamelukturbo, all these fixes and additions create an f'ing sweet M41A, of course the sound system in FO3 is way less advanced than FO4 so I couldn't make it truly awesome sounding but it still makes me smile. It is tagged unplayable, has a mag size of 95 and does slightly more damage than the Chinese assault rifle. It uses 10mm caseless explosive ammo which Cecil will never run out of.

Lastly his outfit is retextured combat armor with CM camo, outfit is 2k and weapon is 1k.

Where is he?

Cecil can be found cowering in your Megaton home.

I hope you have fun looking at Cecil's stupid gormless face as he mows through enemies, I never tire of it. If you don't care for my version you can check out the original mod page here. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/21266

Old M41A is here. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/7476 My updated mesh and textures will work with this or the enhanced and reloaded versions by Neotorious.

Credit goes to me for the outfit and weapon fettling, Sean_s for Cecil, Jab_Bauer for the Pulse Rifle, Kuzja80 for his 4x textures which I used as a base for the outfit.