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Adds near 15 unique weapon and armor variants across the game and in vendors for you to find

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an expansion of sorts to the unique weapons of the game. adds about 15 unique weapons and armor to the game, some with their own unique textures. Some of these are hidden in the wasteland for you to find, an others can be purchased from vendors. I tried to have a nice niche for each one so that they really feel unique or cover something that the base game didn't. 

you can also find everything in a footlocker in the megaton player house, or check the readme file for the locations


absolution: unique silenced 10mm, the one in the base game was pretty shit and falls off pretty hard later in the game, increased damage and critical damge

insurgents Chinese pistol: unique Chinese pistol variant that is fully automatic with buffed damage, its also pretty accurate

Alloy Steel 10mm: unique version of the 10mm pistol, its functionally identical to Absolution with the exception of the silencer and the extra crit rate

Chroma: Semi-automatic version of the perforator with buffed damage, 

backstaber: kitchen knife with large amount of sneak attack damage

Elora: unique assault rifle, very similar to chroma but without a silencer. has a custom cherrywood red texuture

Slavers jury rigged AR: I always hated that the unique version of the Chinese assault rifle was hidden behind a unmarked quest that 99.99% of players probably wouldn't find, this is a side grade of sorts to that, 

miss-mine-launcher: I always thought it would be cool if the miss-launchers projectiles were mines instead of just detonating on a timer. this one is really fun to use since you can launch missile mines at a distance when you're falling back, or fire them tactically from a distance 

persica: always thought the double barrel shotgun wasn't quite up to where it should be in point lookout, especially when the terrible shotgun does just as much damage with only one shell.   this fires one shell per trigger pull instead of two, and has a tighter spread.  along with a knockback effect on critical hit (lower crit rate)

Nero: unique .32 pistol.    I always thought the .32 was super underpowered in fallout 3, especially when the hunting rifle does nearly 3 times the damage with the same ammunition type, this is an all around upgrade to the weapon so its usable mid to late game.  also has a nice pitch black texture.

Jury Rigged Plasma Rifle: consumes more ammo but ignores target's resistances

Jury rigged laser rifle: consumes more ammo but ignores target's resistances, also has a cool blue laser


Makeshift ghoul mask: its the same thing as the ghoul mask, lets you still get it even if you don't obtain it the normal way since a lot of people don't want to side with the ghouls

infiltrators hat: similar to the shady hat but gives a substantial boost to lockpicking

Brawler's leather armor: gives a boost to endurance and unarmed damage,  

Raider pyro helmet: unique arc-light helmet,  I always thought the torcher helmet that was the unique version in the base game was pretty shit considering it actually has worse AR than the base version. so I made one that's actually good. gives a boost to your fire resistance along with +10 to energy weapons

feel free to let me know what you guys think! I'm highly considering adding some more once I think of them or get suggestions. might add more custom textures too.