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This turns almost all glass translucent

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I recently made two mods ya'll seemed to enjoy that made a few of the structures in Fallout translucent. After receiving all your feedback, and learning a significant amount about how to make textures better; I give to you the first official release. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labors.

What is this?

The Complete Package contains 58* textures and 52* meshes that make almost all glass objects translucent. There are now two versions of my mod, a 2x upscale version, and a vanilla-sized, performance friendly version.

In the optional files, there is a more translucent and less translucent version of the most common type of glass. This texture is used by most buildings, and all awnings.

New to the optional files are the textures and meshes necessary to turn scoped 44 magnum revolvers and sniper rifles' scope lenses translucent. Check out the screenshots to see if this is what you've been looking for. Does not modify when actually using the scope, only modifies 1st and 3rd person meshes and textures when holstered, hip fired, or held. These are 2x upscale vanilla 1st person textures.

Also in the optional files, there is an .esp which replaces all city buses with AmaccurzerO's bus resource. If you like the bus, do download his file and endorse it so he can know people like his work. It places animated translucent doors on about 20% of the buses in the most conspicuous locations as well as putting some minor loot inside. I have also adjusted the translucency of the bus glass to more closely resemble the rest of the glass in my mod. I don't advise taking shelter inside the buses during a firefight, they'll explode with you inside.

Why isn't all the glass translucent already?
All buildings with a loaded interior space look bad with see through windows. There are no textures inside. They used many of their old opaque glass textures to hide flaws. I have taken great care to adjust the translucency to minimize the exposure of these previously hidden flaws. I've also added textures to the inside of many buildings with v1.1! No more textureless voids!

What's new?
v1.3 - Metro Awning updated, distantstructures01.dds scratch made, smoothed stepping on the edge of broken glass in upscale, better alpha channel, pitchers.
v1.2c - Upscale version only - removed upscaled normal maps that didnt work as intended.
v1.2b - Removed the nuka lamp from 1.2 after crash report. Testing.
v1.2 - Washington Monument Interior, nuka lamp, and subway car made to have translucent glass. Fixed file path issue for optionals
v1.1 - Meshes with internal textures! Previous unearthly voids now concealed with textures! Translucent scopes optional. Removal of all the optional packages too much work for me sorry.
v1.0 - FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE - Experimental textures moved to optional files. Upscaled Version.
v0.3 - Added 6 new files. Ramshackle Bus Windows! Find many in Megaton. Some vehicles.

Fallout 3

These are textures, and therefore not compatible with any mods that replace these same textures.
I recommend you load mine after your other texture pack, play a bit see what translucent stuff you like and delete the rest.

The translucent scopes are only for vanilla guns and are not compatible with any mod that provides new meshes or textures for these weapons.

This doesn't touch any doors in game because that's already been done. I haven't used the FO3 version directly, but if it's like the NV counterpart, it's amazing. Get Semi-transparent Door Glass if you haven't already!

The bus replacer isn't compatible with busworld or anything else that touches the buses.

AmaccurzerO Thanks for the bus!

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