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This makes some of the glass found in the urban buildings become translucent

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I recently made a mod for translucent metro awnings and it opened my eyes to a world of glass things in Fallout that are not translucent, but maybe should be. This is my attempt at making some of the glass translucent in buildings across the DC urban area. I will update this with more things to come.

Why aren't all these things already translucent?
Not every building in Fallout has an interior. This doesn't look so good if you walk your character right up into the windows and look directly up or down.
As a solution, don't play your character like a crazy person, smearing your face into glass and rolling your face around!
As a result, some windows can never be translucent. I tried to customize these alterations such that it is the least revealing of the obvious ugly innards.

What is this?
This is a handful of replacement textures.

Fallout 3 or TTW

This will not be compatible with any mods that contain textures for these same things.
Maybe load this texture pack after your usual one, play for a bit, see which windows you like seeing through, and delete the rest.

What's new?
v0.3 - Added 2 new building types! Find many of them around Rivet City. Also, fixed alpha channel compression of "windowsquad01" removing a white fuzzy edge on some broken glass
v0.2 - Some of the more common glass has been adjusted to be less translucent.

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